Major Taoist Holidays in 2015

Chinese/Taoist Holidays & Festivals with Lunar & Solar/Gregorian Dates

Chinese New Year Lion.

Though Chinese New Year is by far the most well-known of Taoist festivals, there are a number of others that are equally inspiring and interesting to explore. To learn more about a particular Taoist holiday in 2015 (the Year of the Sheep) simply click on its name in the chart below, for a more extended description. Enjoy!


Holiday - 2015Lunar CalendarSolar Calendar
Chinese New YearJanuary 1February 19
Lantern FestivalJanuary 15March 5
Tomb Sweeping DayMarch 14April 5
Dragon Boat FestivalMay 5June 20
Ghost FestivalJuly 15August 28
Mid-Autumn FestivalAugust 15September 27
Double Ninth DaySeptember 9October 21