Majoring in Project Management

Project Management Information for Business Majors

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What Is Project Management?

Project management is the perfect specialization for business majors who like to take the reigns. Project managers initiate, plan, and execute ideas. Whether it's a multi-billion dollar construction project or small, modestly-funded IT project, there is a great need for qualified project managers who can oversee the timing, budget and scope of an operation.

Project Management Degrees

Most of the people who major in project management earn a bachelor's degree. However, there are a growing number of students who are seeking out more advanced degrees, such as a specialized master's degree, dual degree or an MBA with a concentration in project management. Read more about graduate-level business degrees.

An advanced degree could make you more marketable and may even allow you to seek out special certifications that require a certain amount of academic experience directly related to project management. Read more about project management degrees.

Project Management Programs

Although many students are choosing to earn a degree in project management from a college, university or business school, there are other education options outside of degree programs. For example, students could choose to complete a project management certificate program, such as the one offered by UC Berkeley. Many of these certificate programs award professional development units (PDU) or continuing education units (CEU) that look good on a resume and can be used as academic experience for project management certification. 

Many project management majors choose to take structured courses and certificate programs offered by Registered Education Providers (REPs). REPs are organizations that provide project management training that adheres to the global standards established by the Project Management Institute (PMI). Students who complete these courses will be awarded PDUs. An example of an REP is Bellevue College in Washington State.

Project Management Coursework

Business majors who specialize in project management will find that coursework varies from program to program. However, most programs include core courses in management principles as well as classes that explore subjects like communications, project cost management, human resources, technology integration, quality management, risk management, procurement, project scope and time management.

Some project management programs focus exclusively on theory, while others offer hands-on opportunities and real-world projects so that students can gain valuable work experience while earning their degree. There are also some programs that take a hybrid approach so that students can have the best of both worlds. Read more about project management curriculum.

Project Management Careers

Most of the students majoring in project management will go on to work as project managers. Although project management is still a relatively new profession, it is a fast growing sector in the business field. More and more organizations are turning to business majors who have academic training in project management. You can choose to work for one company or you can start your own consulting firm. Read more about project management careers.

Project Management Certification

Project management certification is an important consideration for students majoring in project management. With enough education and work experience, you can earn a project management certification to establish your credibility and demonstrate your knowledge of project management. As with certification in other fields, certification in project management can lead to better jobs, more opportunities for work, and even higher pay. Read more about the benefits of project management certification.