Make a Basic Amulet Bag

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What is a Spirit Bag?

Make Spirit Bags for your guests, to serve as magical talismans. Photo Credit: Patti Wigington

If you’re hosting a gathering or celebration, a popular token to give your guests is what’s known as a Spirit Bag. Also called a mojo bag or an amulet bag, the Spirit Bag serves as a magical amulets, and can represent whichever theme your event is celebrating.

Popularized at the annual festival Pagan Spirit Gathering, hosted by Circle Sanctuary, these bags can be given away to friends, or you can make them for yourself. Circle Sanctuary’s Selena Fox says, “We make enough so that each participant in the Pagan Spirit Gathering can receive one upon arrival and use it as part of personal and group spiritual activities throughout the week. We also make some extras, which later are given to others as tokens of healing and well being… Participants wear their Spirit Bags around their necks during the Pagan Spirit Gathering. Some continue to wear them after the Gathering. Others place them on their altars or hang them in their dwellings as home blessing charms.”

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Gather Your Supplies

Gather your supplies for your Spirit Bags. Photo Credit: Patti Wigington 2011

Prior to hosting your own event, make a bunch of Spirit Bags to give to your guests, and distribute them as people arrive. Here's how you can make one:

You'll need:

  • Squares of Fabric
  • Small stones or crystals
  • Dried herbs or flowers
  • Yarn or ribbon, cut into 36 - 42" lengths.

Select the fabric, stones, herbs and yarn based upon the purpose of your Spirit Bag. For example, if you wanted to make a Spirit Bag that offered protection magic, you could use a number of small hematite stones, some violet, thistle, or honeysuckle, and even a few light iron shavings in your Spirit Bag. For one that celebrates the season of Yule, use red or green fabric with obsidian or ruby, along with bits of dried holly, cinnamon or mistletoe.

Not sure what to include? Be sure to check our Magical Correspondence lists!

Cut the fabric into 4 – 5” squares. You’ll need one square for each guest who is attending, so make sure you plan ahead. It’s always a good idea to make extras, just in case.

Blend your herbs and dried flowers together in a large bowl, or use your mortar and pestle.

As you do this, you may wish to visualize the purpose of your Spirit Bags, whether they are for healing, love, strength, and so forth. If you like, offer an incantation as you blend them. You can say something like:

These herbs I mix and happily blend
A gift to bestow upon a friend.
A blessing of love to you from me,
As I will, so it shall be.

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Finish Up Your Amulet Bags

Make several bags and give them as magical gifts. Consecrate them before you hand them out. Photo Credit: Patti Wigington 2011

Place a single stone in the center of the fabric, and then add about a half teaspoon of your herb mixture.

The bag in the photo is blended to bring blessings of strength and confidence to the wearer. It includes a piece of amber, which is associated with strength and clarity, as well as several herbs which correspond to this purpose. Because amber is connected with fire and the sun, the bag is being crafted with a bright yellow fabric, and will be distributed at a Summer Solstice gathering.

Gather up the corners of the fabric square, twist to form a pouch, and then tie shut with a length of yarn or ribbon. Knot the yarn securely, and then tie at the end so that your guests can wear it around their necks as an amulet.

Before distributing these to your family and friends, consecrate them to represent their sacred purpose – you can do this as part of a ritual, or by leaving them under the moonlight overnight. Treat them as you would any other magical tool.

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