Borax Crystal Star

How to Grow a Star Crystal

You can grow borax crystals on a star shape to form borax crystal stars.
You can grow borax crystals on a star shape to form borax crystal stars. Westend61 / Getty Images

Grow borax crystals around a star shape to produce a crystal star that may be used as an ornament or decoration.

Borax Crystal Star Materials

  • borax
  • water
  • pipe cleaner (chenille craft stick)
  • food coloring (optional)

Grow a Borax Crystal Star

  1. Shape a pipe cleaner into a star. It's a good idea to leave one end long so you can hang the star in the crystal growing solution.


  2. Prepare a saturated borax solution by dissolving as much borax as possible into boiling hot water. You'll know you have a saturated solution when borax powder starts to accumulate on the bottom of the container.


  1. Stir in food coloring, if desired.


  2. Hang the star in a clean container (such as a coffee mug or glass) and pour the borax crystal growing solution into the container so that the star is covered. Try to avoid touching the star to the sides or bottom of the container. Crystals will grow on the star even if it is touching the container (which was the case with the star in the photo), but it is much harder to remove the star without damaging it.


  3. Allow the crystals to grow until are satisfied with them. This is usually anywhere from 2-10 hours. Remove the star and allow it to dry.


  4. The star may be stored wrapped in tissue paper, kept away from humidity.

Other Star Crystals

If you don't have borax you can use alum, table salt or epsom salts. As with the borax, be sure the solution is fully saturated before adding the star shape. Table salt will produce pretty small cubic crystals, while alum will grow large crystals and epsom salts will grow needle-shaped crystals.

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