How to Make a Tarot Card Box

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Make a Tarot Box

Tarot Box
Patti Wigington

If you've got a set of Tarot cards that you'd like to keep safe, one of the best ways you can store them is in a special box. This easy craft project is one you can make either for yourself, or as a gift for a friend. You'll need the following:

  • A plain wooden box, available at craft stores
  • A pencil
  • Paints or a woodburning tool
  • Scrap fabric

While many people like to use bags for their Tarot card storage, using a box definitely has its advantages. Using a box really goes a long way towards preventing the normal wear and tear that any Tarot deck will get - after all, they're only made from paper. If you're someone who handles and uses your cards regularly, a box might be a better option for you for regular storage and transport.

Does it actually matter how you store your Tarot cards? Not necessarily - Kate at Daily Tarot Girl says, "How you feel about your Tarot cards will effect your readings. So if you feel disconnected to your Tarot cards, and as a result keep them in an old junk box in your basement sandwiched between your New Kids on the Block cassettes and a stack of yellowed Harlequins, then yes, your Tarot readings with that deck will be super sh*tty. But if you keep your cards stashed under your coffee table and feel great about it (like me!) then you have nothing to worry about." 

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Choose Your Design

Tarot Box
Patti Wigington

For the box's cover, choose a design from your Tarot deck. For the one in the photos, I chose 0, the Fool, because it's the first card, and signifies the beginning of a journey, which I thought was perfect for the lid's design. Using your pencil, copy the design of the card onto the box's lid.

To create the image permanently, you have a couple of different options. I used a woodburning tool that I found at the local craft store, in the clearance bin for about $3. A woodburning pen does take a bit of practice to get used to, so if you've never worked with one before, do a few test images on a scrap piece of wood, just so you can get a feel for how light or heavy a touch you need to use, as well as the angle at which you need to hold your hand.

Another method, if you're gifted with a paintbrush and have a reasonably steady hand, is to use acrylic paints. You can use traditional Tarot colors, which tend to be bold and bright, or you can go with something a little more muted. There's nothing wrong with using pastels or earth tones—after all, this is your Tarot box, and it should be a design palette that resonates with you. Although you may wish to add a coat of polyurethane to seal the design if you use paint, it's not absolutely necessary.

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Finish the Inside

Tarot Box
Patti Wigington

Use a piece of scrap fabric to line the inside. You can either glue it in place or leave it loose to wrap around the cards. I actually like to do both—I create an inner lining of a heavier fabric like felt or velvet or even upholstery material, and then I wrap my cards in something light and airy when I put them inside the box.

Before you place your cards in the box for storage, consecrate the box as you would any other magical tool. Take good care of your Tarot cards, and they'll take good care of you!

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