Mobile GIF Guide: Make Animated GIFs on Your Phone

These Tools Make it Easy to Make Mobile GIFs and Animate Them

It's easy to make a mobile GIF and animate it with a few clicks on your cell phone. The apps below are some of the most popular for creating mobile GIFS that wiggle, dance, sing or just look cool. These six tools are available for iPhones and other iOs devices. Check our Android GIF guide for tools for those phones.

Some of the apps also allow you to import image files from the Internet.

Five Mobile GIF Maker Apps

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GIF Shop

This mobile GIF maker is only for iPhones and other iOS devices. GIF Shop costs 99 cents to download but offers a lot of value for the money. It's a simple app that lets you create animated GIF files and upload them to popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr from your mobile phone. You can choose to take photos from within the GIF Shop app itself or import pictures you've already taken by selecting them from your Camera Roll gallery. It offers a variety of modes and speeds for looping your animation, and three different export file sizes. Download GIF Shop.

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This 99-cent mobile GIF app is occasionally offered as a free app of the day on iTunes. It's known for its ease of use in making a mobile GIF file that's animated. You simply record a short video with your iPhone, using the in-app camera it provides, then trim it to part you want to show, and the app creates an animated GIF emoticon for you to share on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, iMessage or via email. MyFaceWhen also makes it easy to import other animated GIFs from the Internet and shorten them to share, too. It's available for iOS devices but not Android. MyFaceWhen also has a discovery function called "Top GIFs of the Day" where you can find and import popular animated GIF files through Download the MyFacewhen app.

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Giffer! offers both a free and premium version, both of which are pretty easy to use. The mobile GIF app is for iPhone and other iOS devices, but not Android. Both feature an in-app camera mode for taking pictures that's quicker than importing them from your phone's photo library and includes good timing controls for the speed of your shutter release. Also offered are a bunch of filter effects. The animation speed can be set anywhere from 0.05 seconds up to 15 seconds. Giffer! offers all the usual sharing options--via text, SMS, or iMessage; email, and the big three gif-sharing social networks, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. Giffer! Pro costs 99 cents and includes the ability to use larger images and a "cinemagraph" mode. Download the free giffer! app.

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Flixel is another free GIF maker for iOS cell phones. Its moniker is "living photos" and it aims to be "the 'Polaroid' of cinemagraphs." A cinemagraph, in case you're wondering, is a still photo in which tiny, repeated movements take place. The key is the subtlety of the movement, it's minor; typically, most of the image is stationary and only one part of it moves. The app has many of the typical animated GIF creator tools, including filters, and it allows you to share via email or on social networks like Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook. Early versions of Flixel's app were buggy and crashed a lot, but the company has worked to improve it. Download the Flixel app.

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Cinemagram is a fairly new free app for iPhones and other iOS devices that allows you to shoot a super short video of 1 to 4 seconds and turn it into a "cinegram" or hybrid between a still shot and a video. The concept is similar to the "cinemagraph" described in the Flixel app above. Basically you select the small portion of the larger video image that you want to animated--not all of the image. The founders say the word cinemagram means "movement you can share." The app includes various effects filters and editing options. The company calls its animated images "cines" for short. A cine (prounounced "cinny") is considered an animated GIF because it uses the GIF animation file format. Download Cinemagram.

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