Two Ways Sikhs With Short Hair Can Make a Bun Under a Turban

Tie a Top Knot by Making a Joora With Your Keski

Learning to Tie Keski Turban
Learning to Tie Keski Turban. Photo © [Simran Kaur Khalsa]

Perhaps you have just embraced the Sikh faith, or been baptized with Amrit, and have decided to become a Khalsa Sikh, keep your kes as mandated by the code of conduct, and grow your hair out long. Great!

But in the event that your hair is still is too short to tie up into a top knot (also known as a joora or rishi knot), or if you are thinning, here's how to use a keski (short turban) in place of kes (hair) to make a joora bun and tie your turban (patka) properly.

Take a piece of turban cloth about two yards/meters in length, and rip it in half lengthwise, so that it is between 18 to 22 inches wide.

Completely Bald or Hair Up to Six Inches

  • Lean over so that your hair falls forward with your head bent down.
  • Center the keski so that the middle of it wraps around the back of your head. Cover your head, and any hair, with the keski so that it reaches to the edge of your hairline. Leave your your ears uncovered, and the two ends of the keski hanging free.
  • Grasp the ends of the keski together tightly at your forehead and twist them together. Tuck in your kanga (wooden comb). Stand up and wind the ends into a knot on top of your head to make a bun from your keski in the shape of a joora.
  • Practice several times until you can make a desirable shape joora from your keski that will form a stable base to secure your turban.

Kes Longer Than Six Inches

Whether your kes is six inches short, or six feet long, you may use a keski to shape your joora. (If your hair is very long you may use a longer length of turban, up to double your body height.)

  • Lean over so that your hair falls forward with your head bent down, and gather your hair together with your hands to form a tail.
  • Center the keski so that one end falls forward in the direction of your hair, and the other end falls down your back.
  • Smooth the keski over and around your scalp and the length of your hair so that all hair is covered and wrapped within the front half of the keski, leaving your ears free.
  • Twist the keski around the kes next to your scalp. Stand up and gently twist the tail  of kes that is covered with the keski on the top of your head winding into a bun to make a joora.
  • Tuck your kanga (wooden comb) beneath the joora. Take up the back half of the keski and cover the joora you have made. Smooth the fabric as you twist and wind it around your joora. Tuck in the edges of the keski to make a base for a patka turban, or domalla.