How To Make Giant Unpoppable Bubbles

Giant Bubbles Strong Enough To Pick Up

How long a giant bubble lasts depends on its chemical composition and environmental factors.
Robert Daly / Getty Images

Ordinary soap bubbles are beautiful but fragile. You can make stronger bubbles by using a homemade bubble recipe. These bubbles are thicker and sturdier than regular soap bubbles, so you can pick them up and examine them. Here's how to make giant bubbles that are harder to pop:

Unpoppable Giant Bubble Recipe

  • 1 cup regular dishwashing liquid
  • 1/2 cup light corn syrup

Mix together the ingredients to make the solution. You can double the recipe for more solution. Another option is to mix corn syrup into your regular bubble solution. This thickens the liquid so it sticks better to a bubble wand and forms thicker bubbles that are easier to blow into large shapes.

It's easier to pick up smaller bubbles than larger ones, so choose regular-sized bubbles to pick up and handle. Another trick is to wet your finger or the back of a plastic spoon in the solution so you won't be as likely to burst the bubble when you catch it.

How It Works

Ordinary soap bubbles trap a thin layer of water between soap molecules. Often glycerin is added to bubble solution to slow down the rate of evaporation of the water so bubbles last longer. Corn syrup also helps prevent bubbles from popping when they dry out. When you combine detergent and corn syrup you get a strong bubble that is a cross between a regular soap bubble and a sugar polymer bubble.