LDS Fortunes: Make LDS Fortune Cookies

This idea can be used as a cute hand out or as a fun church activity.

I made a ton of "LDS Fortunes" that you can print off and use in several ways. The obvious way to use these is to make fortune cookies (recipe links below) and place the fortunes inside them. Another idea is to put them inside a small container of some kind, such as a tiny box, and give them out that way. Or you can have an activity where people make up their own LDS fortunes and place them in an item to give to someone.

PDF File:
The following file comes with two copies of 48 different fortunes for a total of 96 fortunes.
LDS Fortunes

Fortune Cookie Recipes:

LDS Fortunes for Fortune Cookies
  • True treasure is found within.
  • Joy is an attitude that comes through gratitude.
  • Gratitude is the first step towards future blessings.
  • Be grateful for your trials, the are blessings in disguise.
  • Money is only a tool, don't let it rob you of spiritual blessings.
  • A smile washes away troubles, especially your own.
  • Be humble, nothing you do will be as great as what Christ did.
  • Pride is a heavy rock masked as a feather.
  • Choosing to be humble tastes sweet, being compelled is sour.
  • Only love can conquer hate.
  • Repentance is spiritual freedom; free yourself today.
  • Obedience is turning away from worldly enticements.
  • Jesus said love everyone, not just those who love you.
  • True charity starts in the home.
  • The outcome of your spiritual war will be decided by you.
  • Think only good thoughts, they precede your words and actions.
  • Do what is right, today may be your last chance.
  • Everlasting treasure is knowing the truth, then acting upon it.
  • Accepting the Lord's will brings the joy of peace.
  • Bad habits are only broken when replaced with good ones.
  • Good habits are created one day at a time.
  • Life's journey is short, make the most of it.
  • Spiritual safety comes through daily prayer and scriptures study.
  • Scripture study strengthens our spiritual armor- do it daily.
  • Only one path leads us home, which path are you on?
  • To see the path to God you must keep His commandments.
  • Look to Christ, His wisdom surpasses all knowledge.
  • For life's best self-help books, look to the scriptures.
  • Children bring eternal joy. Love them.
  • The answer to every problem is Christ the Lord.
  • Trust in God, He will support you through your trials.
  • You're the one who suffers the most when you hold a grudge.
  • Never forget that you are a child of God.
  • God loves all His children, including you!
  • Jesus died for you so live your life in gratitude.
  • Faith in Christ brings works of righteousness.
  • Serving others means serving Christ.
  • Repentance starts with faith in Christ.
  • A wise man's life is built upon the rock, which is Christ.
  • A foolish man's life is built upon sand, which is the world.
  • Give of yourself and you will find yourself.
  • Patience and longsuffering are done through faith in Christ.
  • Share your testimony, it's worth more than gold.
  • Count each blessing and you will see you are truly blessed.
  • You can only change yourself, so start with your attitude.
  • Love others as if they were you.
  • Be an example by choosing the right, even when you're alone.
  • Kindness is more than just a thought, it's an action.