How to Create Your Own Illmatic Cover


You see that image to your right? That's my baby pic on Nas' Illmatic album cover. And no, I didn't make that in PhotoShop -- I don't have a single Photoshop bone in my body. I made it online in five minutes. You too can put your baby pic on the cover of Illmatic.

Simply find a baby pic you'd like to use and go to to make your own cute cover. Share it with your friends on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

If you choose to share yours, use the hashtag #IllmaticXX to enter for a chance to win two tickets to a Nas concert, as well as an autographed CD and prize pack.

Go to IllmaticXX to create your own baby cover. Hit up the gallery to browse your everyone's pics. (OMG! LOOK AT DRAKE! SO Ki-YOOT)

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