How to Play Makeup Artists from Hollywood Game Night

Jane Lynch Hollywood Game Night
courtesy NBC

Hollywood Game Night offers up lots of different mini-games that can be adapted to play at home. If you love movies and are throwing a party, Makeup Artists is one such game. It uses titles of lesser-known Hollywood classic films (the term "classic" meaning "old" in this case) along with an element of trickery which results in a potentially hilarious game.

Game Play for Makeup Artists

On the show, there are two teams of contestants.

Each team has four players (three celebrities and one civilian).

Host Jane Lynch reveals a movie poster from a not-so-well-known movie with the title removed, and then hands out cards to each member of one team. One of these cards contains the title of the film, while the other three say "Make something up!"

The team then presents their titles - the real one and three that have been fabricated - and the opposing team must chose which title is the correct one. Points are awarded for each correct response, and the teams take turns naming and guessing.

How to Play at Home

While the film poster element of the game is a lot of fun and helps with making up alternative (fake) names for each movie, it's not absolutely necessary. You can substitute these by giving a category for the film, and/or a brief synopsis that doesn't give away the title. This way, players will still have some idea of what to base the made-up title on and the four responses won't be wildly different.

If you really want to use the posters though, you can choose to do them on a computer and display them on your monitor while playing the game. Find the poster online and use a simple image editor to remove the title. It doesn't have to look professional as long as the title can't be read, and the rest of the poster remains intact.

You might want to also remove the names of the stars of the film if necessary - this is completely up to you.

To prepare to play Makeup Artists with a group of friends:

  1. Decide on the movie titles you want to use. You should have about ten of these, depending on how many rounds you want to play (one for each round).
  2. Make up the cards for each round using plain index cards. One should have the film title and three others should say "Make something up!" You will end up with four cards for each round -- keep these in bundles so they're easy to grab and hand out.
  3. Decide if you're going to use posters or synopses, and get these ready.

When it's time to play the game, divide your guests into teams. You can have more or fewer than four players per team, but there should only be two teams. If there are more, players can take turns having cards. If there are fewer, use fewer "Make something up!" cards.

Then you can play the game as described above, awarding one point when a team guesses correctly. Whichever team has the most points at the end wins, or you can play several other Hollywood Game Night games and keep a running total to determine the winning team.

This is an especially fun game for an Oscar night party!

You can also change it up and use titles of offbeat horror flicks, old spaghetti westerns, or even animated films. Chose a theme that best suits your party and your guests and don't forget to have someone take video of the proceedings! It's bound to end up with a lot of laughs.