Mandarin Chinese Dialog

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In the previous lesson we learned various ways to say goodbye. This lesson will introduce some new Mandarin Chinese vocabulary and show how it is used in a simple dialog.

When learning Mandarin Chinese vocabulary, always use the proper tone. The meaning of your words can change if you use the wrong tone. You have not learned a new word until you can pronounce it with its proper tone.

New Vocabulary

►lǎo shī



question particle


so; in that case


A: ►Laoshi hǎo. Nín máng bù máng?
B: ►Hěn máng. Nǐ ne?
A: ►Wǒ yě hěn máng.
B: ►Na, yī huĭr jiàn le.
A: ►Huí tóu jiàn.

A: Hello teacher, are you busy?
B: Very busy, and you?
A: I am also very busy.
B: In that case, I’ll see you later.
A: See you later.

A: 老師好, 您忙不忙?
B: 很忙. 你呢?
A: 我也很忙。
B: 那,一會兒見了。
A: 回頭見。

A: 老师好, 您忙不忙?
B: 很忙. 你呢?
A: 我也很忙。
B: 那,一会儿见了。
A: 回头见。

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