Steps for Manifesting Your Ideal Mate

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Are you looking for that perfect someone to share your life with? Finding that elusive ideal mate doesn't come that easily for most of us because we haven't learned the importance of being very clear in our thoughts what type of person would truly make us happy.

When we are projecting a "murky image" of our desires it is nearly impossible for the universe to deliver a perfect package

Manifesting Mistakes

Example of a Vague Message - You ask your neighbor to go to the mall to buy a blue blouse. You don't tell her what size to get, what fabric you would like, or even what shade of blue you had in mind. She returns from her shopping trip with a navy and white checkered double knit polyester top. This wasn't at all what you had in mind. You had a pale blue chiffon number in mind for yourself? Well, the only good thing about her blouse choice is that she is wearing it. Your neighbor assumed you meant for her to go out and treat herself to a blouse. And you can't really blame her for misunderstanding because you didn't make yourself very clear, now did you?

This same problem can arise in attracting partners. If we are unclear in our minds about what type of traits we want in our partners then we can expect to be alone for awhile until the fog clears or worse, end up with a real loser.

I'm not disregarding the fact that there are lessons to be learned in all our relationships and coupling experiences. But let's not go down that road today. If you are ready to "Manifest Your Ideal Mate" I've laid out some basic steps to help you.

Steps for Manifesting Your Ideal Mate

  1. Self Evaluation - Where are you at in your life at the moment? How did you get here. Are you happy? Are you sad?
  1. Evaluate Past Relationships -What aspects in those individuals made you happiest? What aspects were not so great? Are you ready for a new relationship and all that it involves?
  2. Get Clear About Your Needs - Explore your personal reasons for wanting to manifest a mate. Are you lonely? Are you seeking financial freedom? Are you in need of emotional support? No reason is wrong, it's helpful to know where you are coming from to better understand your needs.
  3. Realize You Cannot Overide Free Will - Ask and you shall receive as long as you are not infringing upon another person's free will. This means focusing on any particular person to be your perfect mate is non productive. Turn your focus toward your "ideal personality."
  4. Like Attracts Like - Consider all the various traits you are seeking in a person (kindness, generosity, wealth, honesty...etc.). Do you have these same traits? Like attracts like. When we portray the images that we wish to attract in ourselves we naturally magnetize people with these same traits toward us.
  5. Make A Manifest List - Write out your desires on paper. This exercise is no different than selecting the specs for your new automobile. You pick and choose the characteristics you like; height, weight, color of eyes, hair, etc. If you aren't particular about physical appearances then leave that door open. Just remember, any doors left open are an invitation to chance. How adventuresome are you? Are you wanting to be married? Or are you are just seeking a friend to date without strings attached? You'll get the idea. Being specific clears up the murky images, the details are important.
  1. Dedicate Your Intentions - Dedicate your "manifest list" with an affirmation or prayer asking for it to be fulfilled with the aid of the universe.
  2. Release Your Request to the Universe - Allow your list to cook and simmer. The universe has now received your request. Trust that everything will work out perfectly. Doubting this will be giving the universe conflicting messages that say you aren't ready to have your life's desires fulfilled. Doubtful thinking will only create road blocks along the path to finding your perfect mate.
  3. Take Action - Pay attention to your gut instincts being sure to follow them to see where they lead you. This is important, so listen up. Don't think you can just stay at home every evening sitting in front of your computer or television and the universe is going to plant your perfect mate on your doorstep. Oh, I think it could happen that way, but becoming an active participant in this process will speed up the results. If you suddenly get an urge to go to the market when you aren't hungry, go anyway. Your perfect mate is likely squeezing the tomatoes in the produce aisle that very minute! Or, if it strikes you that you ought to attend a circus in a neighboring town, do it even if you hate the smell of elephant dung and normally wouldn't dream of going near the circus. You just never know who might be flying in the air waiting for you to catch them when they fall from life's trapeze.

    Helpful Hints

    Be careful what you ask for because you'll get it! Don't make the mistake of writing down you want a rich person unless you don't mind possibly attracting a miser. Instead, ask for a financially secure person of generous heart.

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