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Also see Neareast Timelines Index. Maps of the lands of the Bible can be controversial. Please be aware that the sources for these maps may have biases with which some of you take issue.

Where was Canaan?
Often it simply means the area in which the Israelites settled. On the other hand, as Jack Abercrombie explains in ( Late Bronze (1570 - 1200 B.C.E.).

"The land of Canaan seems an imprecise geographical term that is applied sometimes to the entire region of the Egyptian empire and at other times to Lower Retenu or Djahi, that is, southern Lebanon, Israel, Jordan and the Sinai."

1650 Map of Canaan
B&W map of the dead sea from Thomas Fuller's A Pisgah-sight of Palestine.

Bible Maps

  • Ancient Near East before the Exodus
    Map shows Abraham's journey around 2000 BC.
  • Bible Maps
    Successive World Kingdoms: Persia, Babylon, Assyria, 640-500 BC. Eventually spanning from Libya and Macedonia in the West to the end of the Persian Gulf in the East, maps show the outlines of each empire.
  • The Exodus from Egypt
    Map of the Neareast around 1500 BC.
  • Kingdoms of Israel and Judah
    Map showing the division between Judah and Israel from 900-722 BC.
  • Palestine at the time of Jesus
    Map of Palestine at the time of Jesus (33 AD).
  • Twelve Tribes in Canaan
    Map of the locations of the twelve tribes during the period between Joshua and Saul, 1400-1100 BC.
  • United Kingdoms of David and Solomon.
    Map showing the kingdoms of David and Solomon about 1000 BC.

Canaan and the Israelite Kingdom
Side-by-side maps of Israel during the period of the judges and Israel/Canaan during the reign of King David. For background on the period, see the MidEast Web site.

Canaan Map
Map of Lebanon, marked with place names believed to be of Canaanite origin.

Canaan Before the Hebrews
MidEast Web site map of Canaan from c. 1200 BC.

David Map
Gif image of the kingdom of David and Solomon, about 1000 BC. Red line marks the territory of modern Israel.

Divided Kingdoms Map
Colorful gif map showing the kingdoms of Judah and Israel in the 10th-6th centuries BC. Red line marks modern Israel.

Eastern Mediterranean Map
Map shows the Nile, Araxata, Istanbul, the Danube, Sardis, Ephesus, Alexandria, the Tigris and Euphrates.

A Glimpse of Yesterday
In addition to showing the place name variations between Aramaic, Canaanite, and Arabic, site explains the arbitrary temporal and geographic distinctions between Ancient Near East and Middle East.