Maps of the Levant

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The Ancient Levant - With a Map

The Levant - Biblical Israel and Judah - Palestine Map
The Levant - Biblical Israel and Judah - Palestine Map. The Atlas of Ancient and Classical Geography, Samuel Butler, Ernest Rhys, ed. (1907, repr. 1908)

The term Levant is not ancient, but the area covered and shown in these maps is. Like "Anatolia" or "Orient," "Levant" refers to the area of the rising of the sun, from the perspective of the western Mediterranean. The Levant is the eastern Mediterranean area now covered by Israel, Lebanon, part of Syria, and western Jordan. The Taurus Mountains are to the north; the Zagros Mountains, in the east, the Sinai peninsula, to the south. In antiquity, the southern part of the Levant or Palestine was called Canaan.

Ancient Locations
This site lists the locations of ancient places in the Levant by their geographic coordinates, as well as by their ancient and modern names.

Bible Maps of Bible Times and Lands.

  • Ancient Near East before the Exodus
    Map shows Abraham's journey around 2000 B.C.
  • Successive World Kingdoms: Persia, Babylon, Assyria, 640-500 ..
    Eventually spanning from Libya and Macedonia in the West to the end of the Persian Gulf in the East, maps show the outlines of each empire.
  • Kingdoms of Israel and Judah
    Map showing the division between Judah and Israel from 900-722 B.C.
  • Palestine at the time of Jesus
    Map of Palestine at the time of Jesus (33 A.D).
  • Twelve Tribes in Canaan
    Map of the locations of the twelve tribes during the period between Joshua and Saul, 1400-1100 B.C.
  • United Kingdoms of David and Solomon.
    Map showing the kingdoms of David and Solomon about 1000 B.C.
  • The Exodus from Egypt
    Map of the Neareast around 1500 B.C.



Eastern Mediterranean Map
Map shows the Nile, Araxata, Istanbul, the Danube, Sardis, Ephesus, Alexandria, the Tigris and Euphrates.



Oriental Institute Map Series - Site Maps
Oriental Institute's site maps locating primary archaeological sites, modern cities, and river courses in Levant.