Marcus Hawkins

Dustin Hawkins is a journalist and writer with a focus on conservative politics, issues, and perspectives.


Dustin has been politically active since he was first eligible to vote. He has worked on local level campaigns including races for mayor and state senate, as well as on larger campaigns, including the 2004 re-election effort of President George W. Bush.


Dustin's political writing career expands over a decade, when he first began writing for friends about conservatism. This eventually led into writing a weekly opinion column carried on over two dozen websites and in a handful of print publications. In 2005, he became a political reporter and writer for and began appearing on a number of talk radio shows across the country. He occasionally writes for Breitbart News and has been quoted by The Washington Times and US News and World Report. Throughout the years, he has created and been editor of a number of conservative websites promoting specific conservative causes, issues, or candidates.


Dustin studied Political Science with a focus on Middle Eastern Studies at Florida Atlantic University, earning a B.A. He also completed two years of graduate work in the Public Administration and Professional Studies/Strategic Leadership fields before entering the world of private business, while remaining a freelance writer.

Marcus Hawkins

"I have a passion for conservatism and I believe that conservatism is an ideology for all people regardless of age, race, gender, or lifestyle. My goal is to help you understand the goals, issues, and leaders of the conservative movement. If you want to engage in intelligent healthy debate, or to simply learn more about conservatism, this is the place to be. I look forward to providing unique insights on the issues of today and of the future."

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