Marion Boddy-Evans

Photo of Artist Marion Boddy-Evans at her easel
Photo © Marion Boddy-Evans

Marion Boddy-Evans is an artist and writer living on the Isle of Skye in Scotland, an infinitely inspiring part of the world for landscape painting. Marion is represented on Skye by Skyeworks Gallery in Portree, where her craftwork is also sold and where she teaches occasional art and quilting workshops as well as being in the gallery most Saturdays.

She has a website for her paintings, and a personal blog about what's going on in her studio, where there is usually at least one cat watching what's going on (video of Marion painting). She has published a book of her seascape paintings inspired by the view from her studio: Moods of the Minch, as well as catalogs of her exhibitions.

Marion wrote's Painting site from 2002 to 2014, and continues to share her knowledge and enjoyment of art through her website and newsletter. You can follow Marion on Facebook (or her Facebook page), Twitter (@painting), YouTube, Flickr, and Google+.


Marion's painting knowledge comes from a mixture of formal tuition, studio experience, workshops, self-directed personal study (theoretical and practical), and plenty of discussion with other artists. She has contributed articles to various art magazines and blogs (including Artist Daily), edited numerous non-fiction books (including how-to art titles), and co-authored two books (the best-seller 1001 Places to See Before You Die in Southern Africa, including all the art-related sections, and Picture Perfect Cape Town and the Garden Route).


Marion obtained a bachelor's degree in journalism and media studies at Rhodes University. During the decade she worked in London, she attended evening classes on everything from perspective drawing to book design, self-portraiture painting to life sculpture. She regularly supplements her studio painting with art workshops believing it's a fabulous way to refresh creativity as well as try new approaches or techniques.

Marion Boddy-Evans

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