Mark H. Harris

Mark H. Harris has written about cinema and horror films in particular in a variety of publications, including his own website, You can reach him at


Mark has been a horror fan for over 20 years and has run the website since 2005. He has worked as a freelance entertainment writer since 2003, having written for publications such as, Napster, THEiNDI Magazine, and Ugly Planet, as well as working as the head writer on the Chicago-based horror television show Midnite Screams. He has been a member of the Online Film Critics Society since 2009 and currently has over 400 horror movies in his Netflix queue.

Mark H. Harris

Even if I didn't get paid to write about horror movies, I would still write about horror movies because A) I love horror movies and B) I love to write. I also love butter pecan ice cream, but that's beside the point.

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