Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg at the 2016 Facebook Social Good Forum. (Getty Images)

Mark Zuckerberg was a former Harvard computer science student who along with a few friends launched the world's most popular social networking website called Facebook in February 2004. Mark Zuckerberg also has the distinction of being the world's youngest billionaire, which he achieved in 2008. He was named "Man of the Year" by Time magazine in 2010*. Zuckerberg currently is the chief executive and president of Facebook.

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Mark Zuckerberg Quotes:

  • "By giving people the power to share, we're making the world more transparent."
  • "When you give everyone a voice and give people power, the system usually ends up in a really good place. So, what we view our role as, is giving people that power."
  • "The web is at a really important turning point right now. Up until recently, the default on the web has been that most things aren’t social and most things don’t use your real identity. We’re building toward a web where the default is social."

Mark Zuckerberg Biography:

Mark Zuckerberg was born on May 14, 1984, in White Plains, New York. His father, Edward Zuckerberg is a dentist, and his mother, Karen Zuckerberg is a psychiatrist. Mark and his three sisters, Randi, Donna, and Arielle, were raised in Dobbs Ferry, New York, a sleepy, well-off town on the bank of the Hudson River.

The Zuckerberg family is of Jewish heritage, however, Mark Zuckerberg has stated that he is currently an atheist.

Mark Zuckerberg attended Ardsley High School, and then transferred to the Phillips Exeter Academy. He excelled in classical studies and science. By his high school graduation, Zuckerberg could read and write: French, Hebrew, Latin, and ancient Greek.

In his second year of college at Harvard University, Zuckerberg met his girlfriend and now wife, medical student Priscilla Chan. In September 2010, Zuckerberg and Chan began living together.

As of 2015, Mark Zuckerberg's personal wealth was estimated to be $34.8 billion.

Was Mark Zuckerberg a Computer Programmer?

Yes indeed he was, Mark Zuckerberg used computers and began writing software before entering high school. He was taught the Atari BASIC Programming language in the 1990s, by his father. Edward Zuckerberg was dedicated to his son's learning and even hired software developer David Newman to give his son private lessons.

While still in high school, Mark Zuckerberg enrolled in a graduate course in computer programming at Mercy College and wrote a software program he called "ZuckNet," which allowed all the computers between the family home and his father's dental office to communicate by pinging each other. The young Zuckerberg wrote a music player called the Synapse Media Player that used artificial intelligence to learn the user's listening habits. Both Microsoft and AOL tried to purchase Synapse and hire Mark Zuckerberg, However, he turned them both down and enrolled at Harvard University in September 2002.

Harvard University

Mark Zuckerberg attended Harvard University where he studied psychology and computer science. In his sophomore year, he wrote a program he called CourseMatch, which allowed users to make class selection decisions based on the choices of other students and also to help them form study groups.

While at Harvard, Mark Zuckerberg co-founded Facebook, an internet-based social network. Continue with The History of Facebook.

*(The IBM-PC was named Times' Man of the Year in 1981.)