Marketing Vocabulary for English Learners

Key Vocabulary and Phrases for English Learners

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This marketing vocabulary page provides a core vocabulary reference sheet to help out with English for Special Purposes courses, or for those English learners who want to improve vocabulary related to marketing.  

Teachers are often not equipped with the exact English terminology required in specific trade sectors. For this reason, core vocabulary sheets go a long way in helping teachers provide adequate materials for students with English for Specific Purposes needs.

to act on the price
after-sales activities
after-sales service
assisted brand identification
to be competitive
to be out of stock
behavior pattern
blind product test
brand equity
brand extension
brand loyalty
brand positioning
brand preference
brand range
brand strategy
brand switching
brand value
branded product
buy for fun
buying frequency
buying habit
buying motivation
call planning
cartel price
case history
cash and carry
certificate of guarantee
chain of retailers
cluster analysis
commercial strategy
competitive advantage
competitive products
competitor profile
consumer association
consumer panel
consumer survey
convenience goods
convenience store
corporate identity
corporate image
cost per call
cost per contact
customer loyalty
customer satisfaction
customer service
cut-throat competition
demand and supply curve
demand components
department stores
discount superstores
display material
distribution chain
distribution channel
distribution cost
domestic market
driving effect
economic model
empirical research
entry barriers
excess of supply
exhibition - show
exhibition stand
exit barriers
social-economic factors
socio-economic characteristics
sole selling price
sound out the market
specialized store
statistical survey
substitute products
supply curve
targeted distribution
taste test
telephone research
trade fair
trade mark
trademark - brand name
unbranded product
unfair competition
unstructured interview
value chain
value system
variety store (GB) - variety shop (US)
wholesale stores
wholesaler brand
win-win strategy
market penetration
market potential
market research
market segmentation
market share
market size
market survey
market test
marketing goals
marketing mix
marketing plan
marketing techniques
mass-market product
maturity phase
memory research
niche strategy
one-stop shopping
open question
own brand products
panel - consumer panel
parallel import
penetration index
perceived quality
pilot scheme
pilot shop
pilot survey
point of sale (POS)
potential market
premium price
prestige product
price-sensitive buyers
price-sensitive product
price competitiveness
price limit
price perception
price/quality effect
product image
product life cycle
product manager
product oriented
product policy
product range
propensity to consume
psychological threshold
public relations (PR)
purchase headquarters
purchasing group
qualitative interview
qualitative research
quality management
quantitative interview
quantitative research
random sample
random sampling
redemption costs
reference price
reference value
registered trademark
retail outlet
retail prices
retailer brand
sales analysis

Study Notes

Notice that this list includes many collocations - words that usually go together. These collocations are often a combination of an adjective + noun. Here are some examples:

quality management - We're looking to hire quality management for our marketing firm. 
socio-economic factors - There are a number of socio-economic factors that we need to take into consideration.
customer satisfaction - Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.
potential market - The potential market for our products is enormous. 

Also, note that most of these expressions relate to different expressions related to a particular term. 

market segmentation - The market segmentation in Korea is very pronounced.
market share - If this advertising campaign is successful, we'll increase our market share.
market size - The market size is somewhere between ten and twenty million. 
market survey - Let's put out a market survey to begin our research.
market test - The market test was successful, so let's move ahead with the campaign.

Finally, remember that many if not most of these terms and phrases are compound nouns. Compound nouns are made up of a combination of two nouns. 

display material - Our display material was taken from a recent survey.
product manager - The product manager is coming to the meeting next Wednesday.
sales analysis - Let's include a sales analysis to check on the trends.

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