Marquee in Web Design

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The Marquee tag has been deemed obsolete and has been removed from the HTML code specifications. It might still work on many browsers, but it's way better to use CSS for that kind of thing.

In HTML, a marquee is a small section of the browser window that displays text that rolls across the screen. You use the element to create this scrolling section.

The MARQUEE element was first created by Internet Explorer and was eventually supported by Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari, but it is not an official part of the HTML specification. If you must create a scrolling section of your page, it's best to use CSS instead. See the examples below for how.


mar key – (noun)

Also Known As

scrolling marquee


You can create a marquee in two ways. HTML:

<marquee>This text will scroll across the screen. </marquee>


You can learn more about how to use the various CSS3 marquee properties in the article: Marquee in the Age of HTML5 and CSS3.

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