Mars in Taurus (in Birth Chart)

Slow and Steady

Tortoise and hare
Slow and Steady. Don Farrall/Getty Images

Slow, Deliberate Moves

Mars in the fixed sign of Taurus lends stability and patience.  And yet in traditional astrology, Mars is considered in its detriment here.  And that shows up in the passive stance the Mars Taurus person takes, making them at times as immovable as a boulder.

And yet, Mars Taurus has staying power.  You outlast others, as you persist until you get what you want.  You're careful about what you commit to, because you stick with a plan until it's completed.

On the flip-side, it's hard for you to change tracks, even if the one you're on is taking a toll.  You're someone who finds pleasure in work, so finding the right rhythm for the day is important. 

You are sometimes slow-moving, but more thorough in whatever you do.  You can be inflexible and stubborn to change, even when it's clearly needed.  It's maddening to you to take action, with no visible results.  But you are disciplined over the long haul, and can achieve mastery in your chosen field.

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Earthly Drives

You share a Mars impulse with the earth, the element of Taurus.  That makes you someone who acts only after you've got your bearings, and sussed out the situation fully.

You observe through the five senses, and have a practical eye to guide you.  Your instincts for what will work, in the real world, are often spot on. 

You resist any manipulative attempts to push you into action, like making an impulse purchase.  You can be the voice of reason, within a group of friends or colleagues. 

Supreme Sensuality

A great gift for you would be natural oils for massage or more.  Your nose knows, and leads you forward.  The sense of smell, like the other senses, can set an inspired mood for creativity or intimacy. 

The kitchen can be a working studio for you, as well.  You enjoy the alchemy of spices and herbs, and also take pride in the finished product of a nourishing meal. 

The bedroom is where you explore the art of love to the fullest.  Mars Taurus lovers are not into rushing, since they're heightened senses make the whole experience very charged.  

Venusian Motivations

Mars in Taurus gives you a passion for sturdy, lovely things. You might be into collecting antiques, restoring homes, or have a knack for playing the market.

Taurus' ruling planet is Venus, whose domain is beauty, craft and money, as well as love and friendship. 

Your eye for beauty and discipline gives you natural ability to succeed as a working artist. You may enjoy being outdoors, working with animals or gardening. You work hard, but also take play seriously, making time to relax. You feel wealthy when you're enjoying the fruits of your labors.

Here you have a uniquely Venus kind of Mars, which gives you a big appetite for physical expressions of love.  You've got a lusty nature, and it's possible your drive is consistent.  You might need to others to make the first move, but once in the flow, you're built to last. 

You are naturally seductive, as a creature of pleasure who is at home in the body. You enjoy extended intimate foreplay, with senses heightened to touch, smell, taste and sound. You can be languid and lazy, or go after what you want with animal urgency.

Mars is like the little power buddy for the Sun, to spark action and move you toward shining in your natural way.  Read about your Sun sign with Mars Taurus.

Mars Taurus Motivations

  • To root in, and bloom where planted.
  • To grow a career or relationship slowly, with strength and longevity in mind.
  • To manifest beautiful, useful things or acquire them.
  • To move with the pulse of nature, when possible, and grow green things or raise animals using natural principals.
  • To indulge in pleasures of all kinds, particularly sensual. 
  • To stabilize new ideas, and turn them into concrete reality.