Mars Retrograde Through the Houses

Science Photo Library/ANDRZEJ WOJCICKI/Getty Images

When Mars retrogrades through a House in the birth chart, it stirs up conflict and dynamism in that area. It's an astrological red light district, full of juicy vitality to draw from, a temporary source of heightened passion. Retrogrades bring fated events, and often this leads to a restructuring of the area in question. Each House represents an arena of life, and observing the motion of transiting Mars through your chart, lends insights to what might be in store.

First House 

It's time for a make-over, but with image boosters that build your inner confidence, along with the outer. Mars stirs up challenges to your sense of identity, provoking you to take a strong stand.

Second House 

There's energy to go through the possessions and purge what's no longer useful or of value. Mars provokes questions about how well you're using resources, and whether you're building up a base that is solid. There could be conflicts regarding finances, especially how money is being invested for the future.

Third House

It's a good time to restructure how information flows in and out of your life. This means everything from idle gossip to current events. Even casual conversations can become charged when Mars retrogrades here, causing you to refine your role as messenger.

Fourth House

With this house lit up, home is the focus, and how well it sustains you as your nurturing base.

Mars helps you restructure your nest, and make it a place to find your personal power.

Fifth House

Here's a chance to make more room for spontaneous self-expression, as a doorway to art, romance and nurturing living things (parenting). Mars provokes situations that cause those buried gifts to be unearthed and expressed.

Sixth House

The vital energies of Mars here show you how best to use your energies at work, and as a leader among your colleagues. It's a good time to restructure your daily routine, with a special focus on what makes you feel healthy and whole.

Seventh House

Mars retro here provokes power struggles that cause a restructuring of key relationships. It's a chance to infuse an important alliance with the energy it needs to stay vital.

Eighth House

Mars retro in this house packs a wallop, and involves a review of power itself, especially the kind that's hidden. It's a good time to ponder the unseen forces, including the magnetism of sexuality, and how they're used to assert your will in the world.

Ninth House

The red light here invites making the most of your birthright as "world citizen," through travel, study and absorbing wisdom through experience. Mars retro may stir up opportunities that make you breathless with excitement. Conflict comes up when you're feeling stifled and restless, stuck in too limiting a sphere for your spirit.

Tenth House

Mars retro here gives you a fever for worldly status, and may make you fuming mad if you're facing endless obstacles. It's a good time to consider career planning and reviewing steps to reach your ambitious goals.

Eleventh House

An energetic spotlight on your social web shows you whether your actions are having the desired effect. It's time to see whether your group associations are still the right fit, for where you're heading in life.

Twelfth House

Activities that take you deep into your intuitive nature bear lots of fruit now. Watch out for conflicts that seem to have no rhyme or reason. Tuning into a place of stillness helps you turn the Mars vitality into a healing force for your spirit.