Mars Signs

The Force of Change

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Mars is the drive of the ego, and the igniting source of action! It's a primal force that generates personal momentum to act on desires and goals. It's the capacity to surge forward, take courageous risks, or stand up for yourself. It's the aggressive impulse that strikes another down, or defends the helpless. Mars is raw assertion. Its the thrusts outward that make an impact, everything from angry outbursts to daring creative feats.

Every Mars behaves differently, depending on its Zodiac sign, house and transits to other planets. Find your Mars sign on your birth chart. You discover how you deal with anger. Mars shows whether you have ample vitality, or have to consciously keep the fires going. Mars Zodiac sign shows your style of action. Its house determines where the action happens, as in which kinds of life activities. Other clues to your Mars style are its element, with insight to its temperamental nature, along with the quality (cardinal, fixed, mutable), which tells you about its rhythm.

Here are the Mars signs (click on the links for longer interpretations.)

Mars in Aries is quick to leap, easily roused to anger or passion, an initiator, a warrior, combative, irrepressible, a catalyst, hot-headed, lusty, competitive.

Mars in Taurus is instinctive, deeply anchored, stubborn, persistent, shrewd, resourceful, disciplined, patient.

Mars in Gemini is a disperser, stimulated, searching, playful, agile, many pots on the stove, collector, swift mover, changes tack often, multi-directional focus.

Mars in Cancer sidesteps toward goals, feels out a situation before acting, intuitive, caring, gentle, moody responses, intense temper.

Mars in Leo proud, impulsively creative, bold, geared toward making a name, generous, enthusiastic, expressive.

Mars in Virgo efficient, helpful, process-oriented, devoted, likes to get in the zone of a rhythm, methodical, purifying, busy separating wheat from chaff.

Mars in Libra a righter of wrongs, balanced acts, fluctuating vitality, beautifier, harmonizer, catalyst for others, sexual igniter, one-half of a power duo.

Mars in Scorpio covert operator, wields palpable personal power, incisive, knows when to act, can be vengeful and devious, a shadow warrior, great endurance and strength.[/p

Mars in Sagittarius far reacher, world traveller, uncomplicated motives, sporty, energetic, sexually experimental, happy-go-lucky.

Mars in Capricorn controlled, unyielding, a leader, competitive, goal oriented, responsible, loyal, patient, good sense of timing, concretizer of ideas.

Mars in Aquarius taboo-buster, blazing own trail, rebellious, change-agent, freedom seeker, innovative, genius moves, breaking through.

Mars in Pisces imaginative, merging, flowing, longing to transcend, creative, fusing all experiences, compassionate.

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