Mars Through the Zodiac

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To find out your Mars sign, look for the glyph on the birth chart.

Mars is the impulse to act on desires, goals, visions. The red planet's sign shows how your inner fire is lit. What stokes the passion? The Mars signs shows how you go after what you want in life. It's also about what sets off the fighter within. How do you react when threatened? Mars in a sign shapes how you express anger, aggression, survival instincts.

It's also the planet of sexual arousal and initiation. The Mars sign shows how you go about fulfilling your sexual desires.

Mars in Aries: Seeks great feats, and rushes toward them in an impulsive, bold way. This fiery Mars is known for great vitality, along with a restless nature. Becomes energized when pushed beyond known limits, in competitive situations, or when called on to fight. Can be combative, daring, courageous and grow more resolved when there's friction to play against. Runs hot and ardent when passions are inflamed, but can lose interest just as quickly.

Mars in Taurus: Mars mellows and deepens in Taurus, often preferring to go with the flow and root in one fertile spot. Finds satisfaction in cultivating an art, building things, lining the nest, being in nature and enjoying sensual pleasure. Has one eye on security, and the ability to build on resources in a wise, steady way.

Slow to anger, but once aroused, has steam coming out of the ears. Can stubbornly lock into a position, and be unable to make a course correction. Is known to be jealous and see the love object as the property of their heart.

Mars in Gemini Can easily shift gears, if a new idea catches this Mars' fancy.

Busy, frenetic energies keep this air Mars on the go, always searching for new stimulation, contacts, fascinations. May dip just the pinkie toe into things, before moving on to the next novelty. Is deflated in boring or repetitive atmospheres. Is energized in environments where there's constant change, and a direct hook-up to the world of ideas. Very social, gregarious, though many exchanges never go beyond the mental flirting stage. Likes to keep a light hold in relationships, with one eye on the escape hatch.

Mars in Cancer Is stirred to action via the emotions. Acts from a subjective emotional based, and must feel secure, before taking steps. Is very protective of loved ones, and will do battle to protect the family. Finds it hard sometimes to be objective and makes decisions based on the mood of the moment. Passions are stirred through a kinship feeling, and in places where they feel emotionally protected.

Mars in Leo Acts with confidence, with warmth, power and playful humor. Wants to take grand actions that cause others to sit up and take notice. Wants to be memorable and make a name in the world. The legacy is creative acts, friendship, good times and a knack for business risks.

Power is an aphrodisiac for Mars in Leo, and they shine when respected, admired, followed. When dating, Mars Leo is generous, romantic, and affectionate.

Mars in Virgo Has a strong need to discover the problem and fix it. Is drawn to noble service through volunteering, and leading projects for the common good. Can spin out on the details of a task, and lose sight of other options. Too much self-generated pressure to be perfect can result in body tension. Has a technical, bodywise approach to sex, with a sense of devotion and desire to please the other. Inhibitions can be paralyzing, but overcome in relationships where they are supported and feel secure.

Mars in Libra When taking action, this Mars is able to walk a diplomatic line, and harmonize the players involved. Has a knack for choosing the path that strikes the right balance.

Doesn't like conflict, and will defer to keep the peace. Motivated by ideals of fairness and justice. Knows how to charm and be tactful, with a good sense of timing. This Mars is known for being able to unlock the sexual passions of others. Likes to keep it clean, high-minded, and therefore, doesn't go in for too much experimentation.

Mars in Scorpio The magnetism of Scorpio is vitalized, giving this person an undeniable sexual appeal. Can be a catalyst for the emotional-sexual healing of others. If there's no self-awareness, this Mars acts on jealousies, is vengeful and driven by overwhelming passions. When channeled creatively, there's great discipline, creativity and ability to persevere. Very lusty, with a desire to get lost in the sex act, and reemerge anew.

Mars in Sagittarius High vitality and the hunger to freely roam many landscapes of culture and ideas. Is excited by learning, especially when there's a hands-on aspect that gets the blood pumping. Athletic and energetic, able to spontaneously set off for adventure. Loves to travel, live fully and openly in the moment, and seek different kinds of sexual experience.

Mars in Capricorn Puts off formidable energy, of one not to be trifled with. Cautious, self-controlled, always weighing choices against long term goals. Doesn't just hang out idly, but likes to work toward a substantial plan. Needs mountains to climb, in fields where ambition and practical smarts are rewarded. A strong drive to succeed makes them fearsome competitors.

Rich and earthy sexuality under that mask of the traditionalist.

Mars in Aquarius Acts in unexpected ways, and comes up with crazy solutions that end up working. An innovator that finds satisfaction when able to pursue their inspirations fully. Loves to experiment, and may be attracted to those outside their social class, race or culture. Has a rebellious streak, and loves to confront authority. Is a sexual eccentric, open to anything.

Mars in Pisces Dwells inside a swirl of images, dreams, emotions....and action emerges from those inner cues. Is sensitive to the environment, and acts with confidence when emotionally secure. Enormous capacity for art, music, drama. Ability to take action is hindered when there's overwhelm, and a lack of direct energy (too diffuse). Can send out mixed sexual signals, and passively attract, sometimes the wrong person. Is motivated to act on a strong sense of compassion, and is a loyal lover.

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