Marshawn Lynch

Marshawn Lynch. Getty Images

Marshawn Lynch


Position: Running Back

School: California

Status: Junior

Height: 5-10

Weight: 220

40-Yard Dash: 4.45 (EST)


Marshawn Lynch has excellent size and speed for his position, and uses all of his skill all the time. He hits the hole fast and like a hammer, and is very hard to bring down when he hits his stride. Lynch has a quick and hard burst, and seems to be easily able to see cutback lanes as they form. He shows soft hands out of the backfield, and having him as an outlet option will endear him to his quarterback.


Lynch tries to create a big play too often, cutting to the outside when the better and smarter run is between the tackles. He doesn't stay with lead or pull blockers very well at all, and needs to show a higher degree of patience on many plays. His blocking leaves quite a bit to be desired, as he seems to display very little effort in that phase of his game. He's also had some lingering and recurring hand and arm injuries, which could lead to ball-handling problems if they keep up.

NFL Career


Lynch skipped his senior year at Cal and made himself eligible for the NFL draft. Not surprisingly, he was a first-round pick, 12th overall, by Buffalo. The Bills signed him to a six-year $18.9 million contract and Lynch started earning it right from the start.

He ran for 90 yards against Denver in his first game as a pro. He missed three games as a rookie, but still blew past the 1,000-yard mark, totaling 1,115 yards and seven touchdowns.

He became more of a receiving threat in 2008 and made his first Pro Bowl. He was suspended for three games by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in 2009 for a misdemeanor weapons violation. His appealed his suspension, but it was upheld by none other than Goodell himself. Lynch lost his starting job to Fred Jackson.

He was traded to Seattle in October for two draft picks, then began resurrecting his pro career with the Seahawks.

He has seemed to get better with age. There are few running backs blessed with his combination of speed and strength. He is quick enough to take it wide and strong enough to bust it up the middle. Another huge asset is his ability to hold on to the football. In four years with the Bills, he fumbled only eight times. He's had 27 fumbles in his nine-year career.

He is a five-time Pro Bowler and was named to the All Pro first team once.

Off the field, Lynch is not a media favorite, and vice versa. He is extremely reluctant to give interviews and has been fined several times by the NFL for refusing to speak with the media. He is also known for frustrating the sports media by giving short, terse answers just to avoid fines.

By the Numbers

In four years with Buffalo and five with Seattle, Lynch has run for 8,695 yards and 71 touchdowns. He has also caught 239 passes for 1,899 yards and nine TDs.

Career Highlight

Few players have had their career highlight given a proper name. Lynch did. His famous "Beast Quake" play was a 67-yard TD run against the New Orleans Saints in which he broke nine tackles, almost the entire New Orleans defense.

The play so excited Seattle fans that their wild, stomping reaction registered with a nearby seismic station as a tremor at the Seahawks' stadium.

2015-16 Outlook

The Seahawks have been to the Super Bowl the last year years and it would be no surprise to find them there again this year.

And once again, their offense will be anchored by one of the best running backs in football in Lynch. How long can he sustain it? The "magic mark" for NFL running backs is generally thought of as 30 years old, when many start to show a decline.

Lynch is 29 and turns 30 in April of 2016.