Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Lesson Plans You Can Use In Your Elementary Classroom

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Being Treated Equally
A powerful way to really drive the message of equality home. Designed for kindergartens, but easily adaptable to all ages.

Happy Birthday Martin Luther King
Open this PDF file to see how you can use this popular book to teach a memorable lesson about the horrible effects of racism.

Martin Luther King Jr.
A Fifth Grade lesson that explores Jim Crow laws, as well as Dr. King's famous life and speeches.

Martin Luther King Jr. - Influential Leaders of the 1960s
A Fifth Grade lesson that helps kids dig a little deeper into the meaning and messages of both Dr. King and JFK.

Martin Luther King Jr. at the Holiday Zone
A guide for teachers that includes bulletin board ideas, crafts, songs, and more.

Martin Luther King Jr. Was a Great Civil Rights Leader
A K-2 lesson with lots of great ideas for explaining Dr. King's life through children's literature.

Teeny Tiny Book on Dr. King
Students simply cut out, color, and staple together this educational book about Dr. King and his influential actions.

Thematic Units and Lessons
Also includes printable activities, related links, and recommended books. From A to Z Teacher Stuff.

Using the Internet To Study: "I Have A Dream"
A detailed lesson with links, designed specifically for Third and Fourth Graders.

We're All the Same on the Inside
This lesson is designed for preschoolers but I think it would present a powerful message for students of older ages, too.

For related General Information and Reference Material, click here.

Who Was Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.?
A Kindergarten through Second Grade lesson that shows students how Dr. King was a hero who worked for the rights of all people.

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