Mary Bellis

Inventions Expert


  • New York-based film producer and director
  • Singled out by Forbes magazine for her writing on inventors. 
  • Known in art and independent film circles by the name CalmX
  • Creator of computer-generated art


Mary Bellis was a former writer for ThoughtCo, where she covered inventors for 18 years. She was a freelance writer, film producer, and director.  In addition, Forbes Best of the Web credited her for creating the number one online destination for information about inventors and inventions. Her writing has been reprinted and referenced in numerous educational books and articles. She was known for her short independent  films and documentaries, including one on Alexander Graham Bell. She specialized in making and exhibiting computer-generated art, while working as an animator, journalist and an independent video game developer. 



Mary Bellis held a Master of Fine Arts in film and animation from the San Francisco Art Institute.

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