'Mary, Did You Know?' Christmas Miracle Song

History of Christmas Carol on Virgin Mary and Miracle of Jesus Christ's Birth

Mary Did You Know
The Christmas song 'Mary Did You Know?' describes what Mary might have been thinking about the miracle of Jesus Christ's birth. Dakin Roy / Workbook Stock / Getty Images

The Christmas song ''Mary, Did You Know?' is a beloved Christmas carol that explores what the Virgin Mary may have thought about becoming the mother of Jesus Christ. Here's the history of this holiday classic:


Buddy Greene


Mark Lowry

Sample Lyrics

"Did you know that your baby boy/Has walked where angels trod?/When you kiss your little baby/You've kissed the face of God."

Angel Connection

'Mary, Did You Know?' points out that Jesus Christ wasn't just a baby, but had already "walked where angels trod" in heaven.

The song describes the many ways that Jesus will fulfill his mission on Earth, and ends by asking Mary if she knows that: "...your baby boy/Is heaven's perfect Lamb?/This sleeping child you're holding/Is the great 'I Am.'"

Just as angels leave heaven to visit Earth temporarily to complete missions helping human beings, Jesus left heaven for Earth to help people.

Fun Fact

Lyricist Mark Lowry was best known as a comedian before writing the words to 'Mary, Did You Know?' for a Christmas musical at his church. He also had musical experience as a singer in Bill Gaither's popular Gospel group, the Gaither Vocal Band.


In 1984, Mary Lowry's pastor asked him to write a musical for the Christmas season at their church in Nashville, Tennessee. Lowry imagined what Mary might have been thinking while she was holding baby Jesus on the first Christmas, and a series of questions that he would like to ask her came to him.

Actors recited Lowry's questions for Mary in between scenes of the musical that year. But afterward, Lowry got the sense that they should become lyrics to a song. He and harmonica player Buddy Greene discussed it, and in 1990 Greene wrote the music for 'Mary, Did You Know?' using Lowry's lyrics.

Many popular country music artists have recorded the song, including Kenny Rogers, Wynonna Judd, Reba McEntire, and Clay Aiken.