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What Books Are New From Mary Higgins Clark?

I'll Walk Alone by Mary Higgins Clark
I'll Walk Alone by Mary Higgins Clark. Simon & Schuster

Mary Higgins Clark has thrilled readers for years with her psychological suspense novels. Called the "Queen of Suspense," all of Clark's books are fast and enjoyable reads that will make your mind race.

Here's a list of Mary Higgins Clarks works along with her newest books and upcoming releases. How many books have you read? 

I've Got You Under My Skin

Published in April 2014, I've Got You Under My Skin quickly rose to the top of the ranks and became a #1 New York Times bestseller. This crime-filled novel follows Laurie Moran—a television producer whose husband was murdered. The murderer is still at large and Laurie fears the killer will come back for her son and herself.

At the same time, Laurie is coincidentally producing a true-crime, cold case files television show. On set, secrets unravel and the show somehow connects to the murder of Laurie's husband.  

The Cinderella Murder

Released on November 18, 2014, this book immediately follows I've Got You Under My Skin and is actually an extension of the storyline. In this collaboration with Alafair Burke, Mary Higgins Clark starts a new series titled Under Suspicion. These books are about a TV series that covers cold case murders, and the main character is the same Laurie Moran as in I've Got You Under My Skin

The Sleeping Beauty Killer

The third book in the Under Suspicion series, Mary Higgins Clark and Alafair Burke bring fans another page-turning thriller. 

Released in November 2016, the novel continues to follow the drama of Laurie Moran's life. Laurie gives it her all in trying to salvage Casey Carter's reputation. Casey was convicted of murdering her fiancé 15 years ago, but Laurie believes she is innocent. But is she? The Sleeping Beauty Killer keeps readers guessing until the very end. 

As Time Goes By

News reporter Delaney Wright wants to find her birth mother, but at the same time, she is assigned to cover the high-profile murder trial involving Betsy Grant. To help out, Delaney's friends look into the mystery surrounding her birth, but in the process learn about a secret they are not sure Delaney should know. Meanwhile, evidence against Betsy is growing, but Delany believes she is innocent and tries to prove it.

Released in April 2016, As Time Goes By is filled with suspense and written in Clark's classic style.  

All By Myself, Alone

Trying to escape the public eye after the mortifying arrest of her fiance the day before their wedding, Celia Kilbride boards a luxury cruise ship. There, she meets the wealthy Lady Em who owns a priceless emerald necklace. A few days later, Lady Em is found dead and the necklace is gone. 

In a series of who-did-it speculations, Celia tries to solve the mystery case and in the process puts herself in danger. Mary Higgins Clark's latest release, All By Myself, Alone is expected to be published on April 4, 2017.