Maryjo's Healing Miracle

Cancer Healing Christian Testimony

Healing Miracle
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Maryjo believed in Jesus as a young child, but a dysfunctional home life turned her into an angry, rebellious adolescent. She continued down a bitter path until at age 45, Maryjo became very ill. She was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's follicular lymphoma cancer. Knowing what she needed to do, Maryjo re-committed her life to Jesus Christ and soon found herself experiencing an awesome miracle of healing. She is now cancer-free and lives to tell others what God can do for those who trust and believe in him.

Maryjo's Healing Miracle

I was saved and baptized at age 11 on Easter Sunday back in 1976. But as I grew, I was not taught the basics about becoming a servant of the Lord.

So, I started out believing in Jesus, but not taking on the role of a servant for God or having a passion to do his will.

A Path of Misery

Because of my dysfunctional home life, I quickly turned into a rebellious, angry adolescent. I was out for justice because my sisters and I were constantly being abused and neglected. Everyone turned a blind eye. And this is how my life started down the path of total misery and grief.

Over 20+ years of stressful living, I carried around hate, anger and bitterness, accepting and believing in the notion that maybe God really didn't love us. If he did, then why were we abused so much?

Struggles began to hit me left and right. I felt I was always in the valley of suffering, thinking I might never see the mountaintop I had dreamed of.

A Diagnosis

Then, out of the blue I got sick. It turned into a surreal numbing, aching event that unfolded before my eyes. One minute I was sitting in a doctor's office, and the next I was being scheduled for a CT-Scan.

I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's follicular lymphoma, stage IV. I had tumors in five zones. I was very sick and close to death. The doctor could not even elaborate because of how bad it was and how far it had developed. She just said, "It's not curable but it's treatable, and as long as you are responding, we can get you well."

I was only 45 years old.

They performed a bone-marrow biopsy on me and removed a lymph-node under my right arm. A port-catheter was inserted for my chemotherapy. I was a very sick women, but in front of me, I saw what I had to do to survive.

Giving Over Control

I re-committed my life to Jesus Christ. I trusted control of my life to him. I knew that without Jesus I simply wouldn't make it through this.

I went on to have seven R-CHOP chemotherapy rounds. I thought I would never get through the grueling task of breaking down my body and building it back up every 21 days. It was hard on my body and mind, but God had the Holy Spirit within me doing a mighty work.

Healing Prayers

Before all this came about, a dear friend of mine from school, Lisa, had introduced me to the most wonderful church. In the months ahead I was broken, beaten down, and very sick. The deacons and elders of the church gathered around me one night, laid hands on me, and anointed me as they prayed for healing.

God healed my sick body that night. It was just a matter of going through the motions as the power of the Holy Spirit worked inside me. With the passage of time, an awesome miracle of the Lord Jesus Christ was revealed and witnessed by everyone.

There are no more masses or diseased lymph nodes in my body. My spleen, which was 26 cm is now 13 cm. I had lymph nodes in my neck, chest, armpits, abdomen, pelvic.

People prayed for me all over the world, from India and all the way back to America in Asheville, NC where my church, Glory Tabernacle, is. God has blessed me with a wonderful family of believers.

What God Can Do

The Lord can do amazing things if we trust and believe in him. If we ask, we shall receive his riches and glory. Just open up your heart and ask him to come inside and be your personal Lord and Savior.

Jesus came to die on the cross to save us from our sins. That's how much he loves us. He will never leave you, even in your darkest hour.

I am a walking, breathing miracle of what our Lord God has done. I am in remission and completely cancer free.

I lead an obedient life, I love God's Word, and I love Jesus. He continues to reveal wonders in my life, and I'm amazed at how he keeps proving his unwavering love and mercy for us all.