Mass Murderer Michael McLendon

Shooting Spree Leaves 11 Dead in Alabama

Michael Kenneth McLendon
Michael Kenneth McLendon. Family Photo

On March 10, 2009, Michael McLendon set fire to the rural south Alabama home he shared with his mother with her body inside. He then set off on a 24-mile shooting spree during which he fired more than 200 rounds and killed 10 more people, including himself.

Previous Developments

Alabama Killer's Note Explains Shooting Spree
April 22, 2009
An Alabama man who went on a killing spree that left 11 people dead left a note explaining the reasons for his deadly actions.

Michael McLendon said his mother hand lung cancer and he wanted to make people who had caused them to suffer to pay.

Alabama Shooting Victims Identified
March 12, 2009
As law enforcement officials tried to come up with a motive for the most deadly murder spree in the state's history, the residents of two south Alabama counties began to mourn the loss of 11 of their friends and neighbors. In the home of the killer, Michael Kenneth McLendon, police found a list of people he thought had "done him wrong."

11 Dead in Alabama Shooting Spree
March 10, 2009
At least 11 people have died in what authorities are calling the deadliest mass murder in Alabama history, a shooting spree that killed 10 people in two south Alabama towns. Many of the victims were relatives of the gunman who killed himself after firing on the police who were chasing him.

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