Materials Science Fair Projects

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Materials science involves physical science and engineering. Science fair projects in this field invent new materials, improve existing materials, test the properties of materials, or compare the suitability of different materials for a specific purpose. Here's a look at some science fair project ideas in this field of research.

Corrosion and Sturdiness

  • Which material is best at resisting corrosion?
  • Which chemicals produce the most corrosion on a particular material?
  • Which type of fabric survives repeated machine washing the best?
  • What household materials are effective anti-friction lubricants?
  • Examine how things break. Do they break predictably, in a manner you can model?

Comparing Differences

  • Compare the strengths of various brands and types of paper towels.
  • Compare the effectiveness of different types of sunscreen products.
  • What type of flour produces the fluffiest muffins?

Fire and Water

  • Which type of wood burns the slowest? Which produces the most heat when burned?
  • What materials resist fire the best?
  • What type of water filter removes the most impurities?


  • Which type of glue is strongest?
  • How is the bond of adhesive tape affected by temperature?


  • What processes can increase the strength of metals?
  • How does the shape of a material affect its strength? For example, which is stronger: a wooden dowel, I-beam, U-beam, etc. of a certain length and weight?
  • How do you make a strong rope using hair? Is it better to lay fibers side by side, wrap them into a bundle, or use a different method?
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