Math Story Books That Make Math Concepts Come Alive

Bore no more! Math gets thrillingly literary!

I don't know about you, but when I was in elementary school, math was boring and dry and that was just the way it was. I truly did like math. But in order to feel the thrill of comprehending a difficult concept, you only had one choice: you just had to listen to your teacher's lecture and find your own way to wrap your mind around the new concepts.

Kids today, though, can learn about all types of concepts through children's literature and hands-on manipulatives.

From fractions to geometry and countless other concepts, children who prefer to learn visually can now more easily grasp the new math concept at hand. Teachers can present these enthralling story books, often in tandem with yummy, edible manipulatives, and learning seems to more naturally follow.

For example, it doesn't matter how many times I tried to teach my 3rd graders about fractions (on the white board, overhead, paper and pencil, etc!), it wasn't until they had a Hershey's chocolate bar in their hands and we read "The Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bar Fractions Book" together that the idea of wholes and parts really solidified in their collective mind.

Here is a list of other delicious ways to help your students learn math concepts quickly and calorically:

  • Twizzlers: Shapes and Patterns
And, if you're hoping to avoid sugary, hyperness-inducing lessons, there are many other, equally enthralling, books that explore math concepts in novel and visually interesting ways:
Your students will get so into the plots and characters that they probably won't even notice that they're learning! Ask your school librarian or peruse your local or online bookstore for more titles that fit your lesson objectives.