Addition and Multiplication Printables

Addition and Multiplication Printables
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Mathematics is an important foundational skill for students, yet math anxiety is a very real problem for many. Elementary-aged children can develop math anxiety, a fear and stress about math, when they fail to gain a solid understanding of basic skills such as addition and multiplication or subtraction and division.

Math Anxiety

While math can be fun and challenging for some children, it can be a very different experience for others. 

Help students overcome their anxiety and learn math in a fun way by breaking down skills. Start with worksheets that cover addition and multiplication.

The following free printable math worksheets include addition charts and multiplication charts to help students practice the skills necessary for these two types of math operations.

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Addition Facts - Table

Print the pdf: Addition Facts - Table

Simple addition can prove difficult for young students who are first learning this mathematical operation. Help them by reviewing this addition chart. Show them how they can use it to add numbers on the vertical column on the left by matching them with the corresponding numerals printed on the horizontal row at the top, so they can see that: 1+1 = 2; 2+1=3; 3+1=4, and so on.

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Addition Facts to 10

In this addition table, students get a chance to practice their skills by filling in the missing numbers. If students are still struggling to find the answers to these addition problems, also known as "sums" or "totals,"review the addition chart before they tackle this printable.

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Addition Fill-In Table

Have students use this printable to fill in sums for the "addends," the numbers in the left-hand column and the numbers in the horizontal row across the top. If students have trouble determining the numbers to write in the blank squares, review the concept of addition using manipulatives such as pennies, small blocks or even pieces of candy, which will certainly spark their interest.

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Multiplication Facts to 10

One of the the most loved—or possibly most hated—basic mathematics learning tools is the multiplication chart. Use this chart to introduce students to the multiplication tables, called "factors," up to 10.

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Multiplication Table to 10

This multiplication chart duplicates the previous printable except that it includes blank boxes scattered throughout the chart. Have students multiply each number in the vertical bar on the left with the corresponding number in the horizontal row across the top to obtain the answers, or "products," as they multiply each pair of numbers.

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More Multiplication Practice

Students can practice their multiplication skills with this blank multiplication chart, which includes numbers up to 10. If students are having trouble filling in the blank squares, have them refer to the ​completed multiplication chart printable.

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Multiplication Table to 12

This printable offers a multiplication chart that is the standard chart found in math texts and workbooks. Review with students the numbers being multiplied, or factors, to see what they know.

Use multiplication flash cards to bolster their multiplication skills before they tackle the next few work sheets. You can make these flash cards yourself, using blank index cards, or buy a set at most school-supply stores.

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Multiplication Facts to 12

Provide students with more multiplication practice by having them fill in the missing numbers on this multiplication worksheet. If they have trouble, encourage them to use the numbers around the blanks boxes to try to figure out what goes in these spots before referring to the completed multiplication chart.

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Multiplying Table to 12

With this printable, students will be able to really show that they understand—and have mastered—the multiplication table with factors up to 12. Students should fill in all the boxes on this blank multiplication chart.

If they have difficulty, use a variety of tools to help them, including a review of the previous multiplication chart printables as well as practice using multiplication flash cards.

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