2020 MCAT Test Dates and Score Release Dates

MCAT test dates
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If you are planning to take the MCAT, it’s important to plan ahead. The MCAT is offered 30 times per year, with test dates ranging from January through September. For tests between January and June, registration opens in October the year prior to the exam date. For tests between July and September, registration opens in February the year of the exam date.

To register for the MCAT, you must first create an AAMC account. Note that test dates fill up quickly, so it’s essential to register for your desired date as soon as possible. Early registration also offers greater flexibility and lower fees. The AAMC offers three scheduling zones for each test date: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. The Gold Zone has the lowest fees and highest flexibility; the Bronze Zone has the highest fees and lowest flexibility.

2020 MCAT Test Dates

When choosing your test date and location, keep in mind that the exam begins at 8:00 AM local time at each testing center.

Test Date Score Release Date
January 17 February 18
January 18 February 18
January 23 February 25
March 14 April 14
March 27 (canceled) n/a
April 4 (canceled) n/a
April 24 May 27
April 25 May 27
May 9 June 9
May 15 June 16
May 16 June 16
May 21 June 23
May 29 June 30
June 5 July 7
June 19 July 21
June 20 July 21
June 27 July 28
July 7 August 6
July 18 August 18
July 23 August 25
July 31 September 1
August 1 September 1
August 7 September 9
August 8 September 9
August 14 September 15
August 29 September 29
September 3 October 6
September 4 October 6
September 11 October 13
September 12 October 13

When to Take the MCAT

One of the most important factors in choosing an MCAT test date is your personal study schedule. Before selecting a date, think long and hard about how much time you need to adequately prepare for the exam (typically between three and six months). In particular, if you are still in school or working full-time, your study hours will be limited. Some college students elect to take the MCAT in January because winter break offers a significant amount of free time for test prep. In addition, by getting the test out of the way in January, you can free up the rest of the spring semester to work on the remainder of your medical school application.

Another consideration when choosing an MCAT date is the application timeline. Ideally, you should take the MCAT early enough that your score is available as soon as medical school applications open. Medical school application deadlines range from October to December, but most medical schools have rolling admissions, so it is in your best interest to apply as early as possible. AAMC releases the first round of applications to medical schools at the end of June, so if you want your application to be one of the first reviewed, plan to take the MCAT by May at the latest.


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