MCDONALD Surname Meaning and Origin

What Does the Last Name McDonald Mean?

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McDonald is a common Scottish patronymic surname meaning "son of Donald," a given name meaning "world ruler," from the Gaelic Mac Dhamhnuill. McDonald is probably the most famous of the Scottish clan surnames.

In Scotland the McDonald surname derived most often from Scottish settlers who arrived in to the Province of Ulster in the seventeenth century. It may also be an anglicization of MacDomhnall, although the McDonnell or O'Donnell spelling is more often seen in that instance.

Surname Origin: Scottish


Where in the World Is the MCDONALD Surname Found?

According to WorldNames public profiler, the McDonald surname is most common in Australia, followed by Ireland and New Zealand. The surname distribution maps at Forebears puts the greatest density of people with the McDonald surname in Grenada, followed by Jamaica, Scotland, the Bahamas, and Australia. In 1881 Scotland, the McDonald surname was most common in Inverness-shire. In 1901, it was the 11th most common surname in County Carlow, Ireland.

Famous People with the Surname MCDONALD:

  • Michael McDonald - American singer and songwriter
  • Freda Josephine McDonald - American entertainer and dancer, best known by her married name Josephine Baker
  • Ramsay MacDonald - first Labor Party prime minister of Great Britain
  • Flora MacDonald - Jacobite patriot who protected Bonnie Prince Charlie after the Battle of Culloden
  • John A. MacDonald - first Prime Minister of Canada

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