Me and My Brothers Volume 1

Cover artwork for Me and My Brothers (Oniisan to Issho) Volume 1 manga by Hari Tokeino
Me and My Brothers Volume 1. © Hari Tokeino / TokyoPop

The Bottom Line

When you read Me and My Brothers you'll think, "Haven't I seen this somewhere before?" Chances are you have, and it's been done better elsewhere too. Riddled with tired shojo manga clichés, one-dimensional characters and an underwhelming plot, it's an okay girls comic, but with so much else out there, why waste your time or money?

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  • Lots of pretty boys to appeal to shojo manga readers
  • Story has some moments of heartwarming family drama


  • A mishmash of tired shojo manga story clichés that make this story painfully predictable
  • Includes gratuitous cross-dressing that does nothing to drive the story
  • Weak storyline and underdeveloped, one-dimensional characters


  • Original Title: Oniichan to Issho (Japan)
  • Author and Artist: Hari Tokeino
  • Publishers: TokyoPop (US), Hakusensha (Japan)
  • ISBN: 978-1-4278-0071-8
  • Cover Price: $9.99 US / $12.50 CANADA
  • Book Details: 216 pages, paperback, black and white format
  • US Publication Date: July 2007
  • Age Rating: T – Teens, Age 13+ for comical violence and mildly suggestive content
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  • Manga Genres:
    • Shojo manga
    • Bishonen (beautiful boys) manga
    • Romance
    • Comedy

Guide Review - Me and My Brothers Volume 1

A preteen girl loses her parents and grandmother and in their place, she gets four very different, very eccentric half-brothers that she hardly knows as her new guardians.

Wacky hijinks and heartwarming hilarity ensue, right? Well, not quite.

It's not for a lack of trying, but Me and My Brothers is an unremarkable offering in almost every way. Tired character archetypes are trotted out and thrown together: the effeminate sensitive guy, the strong silent type, the loudmouth athlete, the straight-laced brain, the headstrong little girl and the out-to-ruin-it-all teacher are all here.

But that's all they are – stereotypes. These one-dimensional characters just go through the motions and they never seem to develop into people that you'd actually care about, much less want to read about.

Even the plot feels recycled: The dysfunctional family unit, ala Fruits Basket. The trip to the hot springs resort. The tearful run away from home scene where the heroine hides out in the playground. The embarrassing relative who turns up as the new homeroom teacher. Haven't we seen these tired twists this over and over again? It all ends up feeling so familiar and paint-by-the-numbers, I wondered if I had already read this book once before but forgot that I did.

The art showcases some cute boys, which is a must for shojo manga, but is in most ways pretty blah. There's nothing artistically innovative or original to redeem the generally weak plot and thin characterizations.

Me and My Brothers isn't horrible – it's just banal. You could pick it up, read it and not feel completely cheated – but there's a lot better stuff out there. Save your cash and buy it used if you must.

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