The Meaning of 'A Priori' in French

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In English, this Latin expression is not often used, and means "in theory". In French, À Priori is used quite often. It has several meanings.

À Priori's Meaning

In French, à priori means: in principle/if everything goes as planned/unless something changes

Où vas-tu pour les vacances? Where do you go for your vacation?
À priori, je vais en Bretagne... mais ce n'est pas encore sûr. If everything goes as planned, I'm going to Brittany, but it's not certain yet.

À priori, son examen s'est bien passé.
Unless something changes (unless we hear otherwise), his test went well.

Tu aimes le canard ? Do you like duck?
À priori, oui, mais je n'en ai jamais mangé. In principle, yes, but I've never had it.

Note that there are no good synonyms for this expression in French, which makes it quite useful and used.

Avoir Des À Priori

Note that when written without an 's' à priori means to have set opinions about something.

Tu dois le rencontrer sans à priori.
You must meet him without set opinions (= with an open mind)

Elle a des à priori contre lui.
She has set opinions about him.

A synonym could be "un préjugé".

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