36 Sample Medical School Interview Questions

Preparing for a Med School Interview

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Getting into medical school is no easy task. From challenging pre-med coursework to the MCAT and soliciting recommendation letters, applying to medical school is a marathon-length process. Getting an invitation to interview can feel like a major win -- and it is -- but, you still need to impress the admissions committee. That's why practicing medical school interview questions and answers can be pivotal to your success.

What's exciting about an invitation to interview is that it means that you have been given the message that you excel. The challenge is that everyone invited to interview is in the same boat...everyone looks great on paper. Now your job is to turn that invitation to interview into an invitation to attend. The best way to do that is to prepare. While you might face several types of interview formats, certain questions will nearly always arise.

36 Possible Medical School Interview Questions

Consider these 36 common questions you will face in your med school interview. Think of how you would answer them so you are not left figuring out how to respond on the spot, when nerves may interfere.

  1. Why do you want to be a doctor?
  2. What will you do if you aren't accepted to medical school?
  3. What makes you special?
  4. Identify two of your biggest strengths.
  5. Identify two of your biggest weaknesses. How will overcome them?
  6. What do you think will be your greatest challenge in completing medical school or learning how to be a doctor? How will you address it?
  7. In your view, what is the most pressing problem facing medicine today?
  8. How will you pay for medical school?
  9. If you could change anything about your education, what would it be?
  10. Where else are you applying to medical school?
  11. Have you been accepted anywhere?
  12. What is your first-choice medical school?
  13. If multiple schools accepted you, how would you make your decision?
  14. Tell me about yourself.
  15. What do you do in your spare time?
  16. Why would you be a good doctor?
  17. What do you feel are the most important qualities in being a good doctor?
  18. What are your hobbies?
  19. Are you a leader or a follower? Why?
  20. What exposure have you had to the medical profession?
  21. Discuss your clinical experiences.
  1. Discuss your volunteer work.
  2. What do you think you will like most about practicing medicine?
  3. What do you think you will like least about practicing medicine?
  4. How are you a good match for our medical school?
  5. What are three things you want to change about yourself?
  6. What is your favorite subject? Why?
  7. What aspect of medical school do you think you will find most challenging?
  8. How would you describe the relationship between science and medicine?
  9. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
  10. Why do you think you will be successful in coping with the pressure of medical school?
  11. Who has most influenced your life so far and why?
  12. Why should we choose you?
  13. Some say that doctors make too much money. What do you think?
  14. Share your thoughts about [insert topic on ethical issues in health care, such as abortion, cloning, euthanasia].
  15. Share your thoughts about [insert policy issue such as managed care and changes in the US healthcare system].