Medieval Times

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  • Destroy the Castle - Build your own virtual trebuchet and fire giant sandstone balls at a castle wall.


  • Castle Builder - "You are a Medieval Castle Builder living in Wales in the year 1076. You are hired by the Norman Baron William de Clare to build him a fantastic castle in Aberystwyth, Wales." Students will gain an understanding of how the Medieval castle played an integral part in the daily lives of the various classes of Medieval people.
  • Kids' Castle - Clicking on a part of the castle takes you to there. You will find out about the people that lived there and what they did. Sometimes there will also be more information about an aspect of castle life, a game to play or puzzle to solve, or something you can do to add to the fun of Kids' Castle.
  • Living in the Middle Ages - What was it really like to live in the Middle Ages? Explore life in the Middle Ages including feudal life, religion, homes, clothing and more.
  • Medieval Siege - Build your own virtual trebuchet, learn about life in a castle, and much more.


  • Build a Medieval Castle - Make your own model medieval castle - a learning activity that teaches about history, feudalism and life in the Middle Ages. Free software download.
  • Cardboard Box Castle - Turn a plain cardboard box into an enchanted castle. The cutting in this project is heavy-duty and should be done by an adult. The child can help by supervising and by designing where the towers and turrets should go.
  • Medieval Castle Building - Students will learn about medieval castles by creating their own castles using sugar cubes.


  • Coat of Arms - Create your own coat of arms with these instructions and pattern.


  • Hands-on History - Medieval Times - Bring history to life with some hands-on fun. These are my top picks for hands-on learning for Medieval Times. The products range from puzzles, to games, to crafts, to building sets and more.
  • Medieval Times Unit Study and Activity Books - Bring history to life with a unit study on Medieval Times. These are my top picks for hands-on themes, activity books and unit study books for Medieval Times.
  • Medieval Times Literature - Many homeschoolers teach history using literature instead of a curriculum or along with their curriculum. Here are top picks of Medieval Times literature.
  • Historical Costumes - Medieval Times - Historical costumes will liven up your Medieval Times studies.
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