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There is some dispute over when Medieval times began, but most of us have an exciting mental image of what the Middle Ages were like. We envision kings and queens; castles; knights and fair maidens.

The period began sometime after the fall of the Roman Empire when new leaders rose up and tried to establish their own empires (kings and their kingdoms).

It is also popular belief that the period was heavily characterized by a feudal system. In a feudal system, the king owned all the land. He gave land to those under him, his barons. The barons, in turn, gave land to their knights who protected the king and his barons in return.

The knights could grant land to the serfs, poor people with no rights who worked the land. Serfs supported the knight with food and service in exchange for protection.

However, some historians insist that we have the idea of a feudal system all wrong

Regardless, it seems that the study of knights, kings, and castles fascinates students of all ages. A knight was an armored soldier who fought on horseback. It wasn't cheap to be a knight so most were wealthy nobles.

Knights wore suits of armor to protect them in battle. Early armor was made of chain mail. It was made by rings of metal linked together. Chain mail was very heavy!

Later, knights began wearing plate armor which is often what we think of when we picture a "knight in shining armor." Plate armor was lighter than chain mail. It offered greater protection again swords and spears while still offering the knight a good range of motion and freedom of movement.

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Medieval Times Vocabulary

medieval times printable worksheets

Students can begin learning about Medieval times by completing this worksheet of terms associated with the era. Children should use a dictionary or the Internet to define each term and write each word on the blank line next to its correct definition.

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Medieval Times Wordsearch

medieval times printable word search

Let students have fun reviewing the Medieval terms they defined with this word search puzzle. Each of the words related to the Middle Ages can be found in the puzzle. Students should review the meaning of each word as they locate it. 

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Medieval Times Crossword Puzzle

medieval times printable crossword

Use this crossword puzzle as an entertaining review of Medieval times vocabulary. Each clue describes a previously-defined term. Students can assess their understanding of the terms by correctly completing the puzzle. 

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Medieval Times Challenge

medieval times printable worksheet

Use this worksheet as a simple quiz to see how well your students have learned the Medieval terms they've been studying. Each definition is followed by four multiple choice options. 

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Medieval Times Alphabet Activity

medieval times printable alphabet worksheet

Young students can practice their alphabetizing skills while continuing their study of the era. Children should write each of the words associated with Medieval times in correct alphabetical order on the blank lines provided.

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Medieval Times Draw and Write

medieval times printable worksheet

Use this draw and write activity as a simple report showing what your students have learned about the Middle Ages. Students should draw a picture depicting something about Medieval times. Then, they'll use the blank lines to write about their drawing. 

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Fun with Medieval Times - Tic-Tac-Toe

medieval times printable tic tac toe

Have some Medieval-themed fun with this tic-tac-toe page. For best results, print the page on card stock. Cut the pieces off at the dotted line, then cut the playing pieces apart. Have fun playing Medieval Times Tic-Tac-Toe. Which knight will win?

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Medieval Times - Parts of the Armor

printable knight in armor

Let children explore the parts of a knight's armor with this coloring page. 

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Medieval Times Theme Paper

printable medieval times worksheet

Students should use this Medieval Times theme paper to write a story, poem, or essay about the Middle Ages. 

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Medieval Times Bookmarks and Pencil Toppers

printable medieval times bookmarks

Spark your student's Medieval times creativity with these colorful pencil topper and bookmarks. Cut each out along the solid lines. Then, punch holes on tabs of the pencil toppers. Insert a pencil through holes. 

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