Medina Surname Origin and Meaning

Prophetic Mosque
Prophet's Mosque in Medina in Saudi Arabia. rasoul ali / Getty Images

The surname Medina, which ranks 30th among most common Hispanic last names, has several possible origins:

  1. Dweller at or near the market; one who had returned from the market
  2. A locational or geographical name originating from the city of Medina in western Saudi Arabia, the second most holy city of Islam, or from one of the other places called Medina.

According to the Instituto Genealógico e Histórico Latino-Americano, the Medina surname originated principally in the Spanish areas of Burgos and Andalusia. Today, the Medina surname is most frequently found in use in Argentina and Spain according to the World Names Public Profiler.

Because most last names originate in multiple areas, the best way to learn more about your Medina last name is to research your own specific family history. If you are new to genealogy, try the steps to begin tracing your family tree. If you're interested in learning more about the Medina Family Crest, then learn more about how the family coat of arms aren't what you think.
Surname Origin: Spanish, Portuguese
Alternate Surname Spellings: MEDENA, DE MEDINA, DE MEDENA

Famous People With the Medina Last Name

  • Gabriel Medina - Brazilian professional surfer
  • Benny Medina - Music producer and record executive
  • Ann Medina - American-born, Canadian television journalist
  • José Medina (José Alfredo Medina Andrade) - Olympic track and road cyclist from Chile
  • Henrique Medina de Barros - Portuguese painter

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