Meditation Aids and Tools

Guided Meditations
Meditation Aids and Tools. Craig Ferguson/Getty Images

Holistic Shopping: Using guided meditations and visualizations are a great way to ease into a meditation routine or helpful whenever you want to take a break from your normal meditative practice and try something new. Beginning and maintaining a daily meditation practice can also be more pleasurable when we incorporate meditation devices and aids that are intended to help relax us and enhance our overall experience. Fashionable and aesthetically pleasing meditative accoutrements will enhance your meditative process.

Dhyana Meditation Cushion

Two-Tiered Meditation Cushion
Two-Tiered Meditation Cushion. Photo from Amazon

Two-tiered meditation cushion lifts your buttocks slightly and also gives your knees comfortable support. 


Zafu Cushion
Zafu Meditation Cushion. © Phylameana lila Desy

The zafu is a round cushion used during meditation. These cushions are typically made from cotton or silk cloth and filled with cotton filament or buckwheat hulls. Look for one with a zipper enclosure so that you can add or remove filler materials to your comfort preference.

Nemesis Now Maiden Mother Crone Scrying Bowl

Scrying Bowl
Scrying Bowl. Photo from Amazon

Meditative reflections while peering intently at a bowl filled with water helps to calm energies. Scrying tools used for scrying (focused gazing) include mirrors or shiny metals, water bowls, and polished crystals.

Chartres Hand Held Pewter Labyrinth

Pewter Finger Labyrinth
Pewter Finger Labyrinth. Photo from Amazon

Clear the chaos from your mind and focus on the sacred pathway of the labyrinth. Meditative tool that you can carry in your handbag or briefcase. Two sizes: medium or small

Tibetan Singing Bowl

Tibetan Singing Bowl
Tibetan Singing Bowl. Photo from Amazon

 Incorporate sound therapy into your meditation sessions through drumming or healing tones from a metal singing bowl.

Water Fountains

image courtesy of linksynergy
Tranquil Water Fountain. image courtesy of linksynergy

Placing a water fountain in a room will give any space a calmer environment. Water fountains aren't just for the meditation room. They are perfect for the bedroom, home office, the rec room, and even the kitchen!. Choose from a variety of fountain designs.

Meditation Candles

Meditation Candles
Relaxing Meditation Candles. image courtesy of pricegrabber

Using candles is a simple and inexpensive way to alter the ambiance of your meditation room/area. Replacing artificial lighting with candlelight will lower the intensity of energies that are not consistent with being intune with our spirits. Calming candlelight helps us go within and reflect more deeply on our lives.

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