Meet the 'Archer' Characters

Sterling, Malory, Lana, Cyril, Cheryl and Woodhouse

is an animated comedy series that follows the workings and mishaps of the ISIS international spy agency. Learn more about the characters on



Sterling Archer

Sterling Archer
Sterling Archer. FX

Sterling Archer (H. Jon Benjamin, Bob's Burgers) is the star agent at ISIS, possibly because he's talented, but more likely because his mother is the boss. Sterling Archer is spoiled and selfish, worrying more about his own agenda more than the company's. Archer is a womanizer, though he still harbors feelings for his ex-girlfriend, Agent Lana Kane. His smart-mouthed dialogue and disregard for humans in general help make Archer the comedy it is.

Malory Archer

Malory Archer
Malory Archer. FX

Malory Archer (Jessica Walter, ) runs the International Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS). She's a tough cookie, especially when it comes to her son, Sterling. She condescends to him, even giving him the codename "Duchess," after her beloved dead dog. She has phone sex with a KGB operative, seems to have a tolerance for substance abuse and isn't above seduction to win U.N. contracts. Recently she had a fling with Burt Reynolds, but now she's married to Johnny Cadillac.

Lana Kane

Lana Kane - Archer
Lana Kane - Archer. FX

Lana Kane (Aisha Tyler,

The Talk

) is a tough-talking, curvaceous and violent agent. She used to date Archer, then mild-mannered Cyril Figgis. No matter what she's wearing, she's armed, usually with well-equipped shoulder holsters. She may still have feelings for Sterling, but those feelings are manifested in shoot-outs and putdowns.

Cyril Figgis

Cyril with Leftovers - Archer
Cyril with Leftovers - Archer. FX

Cyril Figgis (Chris Parnell,

30 Rock

) is also an agent at ISIS, but he is the opposite of Sterling, which is maybe why Lana dated him for a while. Cyril is soft-spoken with good manners, usually wearing a sweater vest with his suit. Under his quiet demeanor, Cyril has a secret weapon; he's very well-endowed and has sex addiction, which Cheryl can attest to. Recently he was promoted to field agent, though he's not very good at it.

Pam Poovey

Crossing Over - Archer
Sterling Archer and Pam Poovey. FX Network

Pam (Amber Nash,

Frisky Dingo

) heads up human resources at ISIS. She is the office punching bag in that everyone makes fun of her. She loves food and has little regard for rules, unless they apply to office procedures. She and Cheryl are usually left at the office with Krieger, when crazy shenanigans ensue.

Cheryl Tunt

Cheryl Tunt
Cheryl Tunt. FX

Cheryl (Judy Greer,

The Descendants

) is Malory's secretary at ISIS. She's smitten with Sterling, but he has little attention for her. She often changes her name in order to needle Sterling, or get him to notice her. In the second season episode "El Secustro" we find out that Cheryl is the heir to the Tunt family fortune. Recently, the ISIS team has enjoyed her hospitality on a train (owned by her family) and hotel (owned by her family).

Ray Gillette

Legs - Ray Gillette - Archer
Legs - Ray Gillette - Archer. FX

Agent Ray Gillette (pictured far right and voiced by creator Adam Reed) is an explosives expert and won the bronze medal in Olympic downhill skiing. Gillette is open gay, which makes him an easy target for jokes at ISIS. After faking being paralyzed for six months, Ray Gillette is actually paralyzed after a crash in "Space Race, Part 2."


Skin Game - Archer
Sterling Archer and Krieger. FX Network

Dr. Algernop Krieger (Lucky Yates,

Frisky Dingo

) is the mad scientist slash doctor in charge of the ISIS Applied Research Laboratory. Though we get clues about his private life, mostly he is a mystery. Frequently we see him conducting illegal business from his groovy van.


Woodhouse. FX

Woodhouse (George Coe,

Funny People

) is Sterling's aging-but-loyal butler. He's badly mistreated by Sterling, but continues to serve him, as he has since Sterling was a child.