Melissa Bobbitt

Melissa Bobbitt took orders from Billy Corgan as a staff writer for, got serenaded by Evan Dando while interviewing him for Mean Street magazine and has seen Weezer in concert 16 times. The rock music of the 1990s was her saving grace.


Armed with a Frankenstein's monster of an electric guitar in one hand and a pen in the other, Melissa Bobbitt developed a love for music journalism back in middle school. She'd spend hours penning reviews of her favorite albums and envisioned interviewing her rock idols someday. Come high school, she was publishing concert coverage for her campus newspaper and music commentary for the teen section in the Desert Sun.

Heavily influenced by Cameron Crowe's coming-of-(rock-of)-ages flick, Almost Famous, she pursued a communications degree at Cal State Fullerton. She regularly contributed to the Daily Titan and eventually was named Opinions and Entertainment editor, garnering interviews with everyone from Angelina Jolie to Bratmobile. As young as 22, she was writing articles for Alternative Press and Venus Zine, allowing to come to fruition her childhood dreams of speaking with heroes like Veruca Salt about their art.

Melissa regularly contributes to Paste, Alternative Press and She also dreams of forming an all-girl Green Day cover band.

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