Memorial Day Printables

Memorial Day Printables
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Memorial Day, originally known as Decoration Day, developed in the late 1800's. Waterloo, New York, is said to be the birthplace of Memorial Day. The first organized event honoring Civil War soldiers who died in the war was held there on May 5, 1866 at the urging of Waterloo resident, Henry C. Welles.

Flags were lowered to half-mast and the people of the town gathered  for ceremonies. They decorated the graves of fallen Civil War soldiers with flags and flowers, marching to music between the three cemeteries in the town.

On May 5, 1868, the leader of the Northern Civil War Veterans, General John A. Logan, called for a national day of remembrance on May 30th of that year.

Originally, Decoration Day was a day to honor those who had died in the Civil War. However, after World War I, it began to be known as Memorial Day and was widely recognized on May 30 throughout the country.

As the United States was involved in more wars, the holiday became a day to recognize men and women who died in defense of their country in all wars. 

In 1968, Congress passed the Uniform Monday Holiday Act in order to establish 3-day weekends for federal employees. When the act went into effect in 1971, Memorial Day, which had been established as a federal holiday, began to be recognized on the last Monday in May.

On Memorial Day, many groups visit cemeteries to place American flags on soldiers' graves.

Memorial Day Vocabulary

Memorial Day 7

Print the pdf: Memorial Day Vocabulary Sheet

Introduce your children to vocabulary associated with Memorial Day. Students can use a dictionary or the Internet to look up each term and write it on the blank line next to its correct definition. 

Memorial Day Wordsearch

Memorial Day 8

Print the pdf: Memorial Day Word Search

Let your students review Memorial Day related vocabulary in a fun, stress-free way with this printable word search. All of the terms can be found among the jumbled letters of the puzzle.

Memorial Day Crossword Puzzle

Memorial Day 5

Print the pdf: Memorial Day Crossword Puzzle

Use the clues provided to fill out the crossword puzzle with the correct terms from the word bank.

Memorial Day Challenge

Memorial Day 2

Print the pdf: Memorial Day Challenge

See how well your students remember the Memorial Day terms they've been learning with this Memorial Day Challenge. Choose the correct word for each clue from the multiple choice options provided.

Memorial Day Alphabet Activity

Memorial Day 1

Print the pdf: Memorial Day Alphabet Activity

Students can practice their alphabetizing skills and review the Memorial Day terms by placing each term from the word bank in correct alphabetical order.

Memorial Day Door Hangers

Memorial Day 6

Print the pdf: Memorial Day Door Hangers Page

Remember those who served with these Memorial Day door hangers. Cut out each hanger along the solid line. Then, cut along the dotted line and cut out the small circle. For best results, print on card stock.

Memorial Day Draw and Write

Memorial Day 9

Print the pdf: Memorial Day Draw and Write Page

In this activity, students will practice their composition, handwriting, and drawing skills. Students will draw a Memorial Day related picture and write about their drawing.

If your family has a friend or relative who lost his or her life in service to our country, your students may wish to write a tribute to that person.

Memorial Day Coloring Page - Flag

Memorial Day 4

Print the pdf: Memorial Day coloring Page

Your children can color the flag as your family discusses ways to honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our freedom.

Memorial Day Coloring Page - Tomb of the Unknowns

Memorial Day 3

Print the pdf: Memorial Day coloring Page

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is a white marble sarcophagus in Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, D.C. It holds the remains of an unknown American soldier who died in World War I. 

Nearby, there are also crypts for unknown soldiers from World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. However, the tomb of the unknown Vietnam solider is actually empty because the soldier originally interred there was identified by DNA testing in 1988.

The tomb is guarded at all times, in all weather, by Tomb Guard sentinels who are all volunteers. 

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