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Memorial Day Facts and Brief History

After the U.S. Civil War between the north and the south, soldiers finally returned to their homes and families. Many came back with severe injuries and missing limbs, others died while fulfilling their duties. Henry Welles of Waterloo N.Y. came up with an idea to remember the fallen soldiers by closing all the shops and visiting the soldiers' graves. Retired Major General Jonathan A.

Logan also organized surviving war veterans and they headed to the cemetery to place flags on the graves of their departed comrades. It was then called Decoration Day.

In 1868, these two celebrations were united and was celebrated on May 30. In 1882, the name Decoration Day was changed to Memorial Day and now encompassed all the soldiers who served in previous wars. President Richard Nixon declared Memorial Day a federal holiday in 1971 to be celebrated on the last Monday of the month of May.

Since then Memorial Day has been a day of remembering and honoring all the brave men and women soldiers who served their beloved country.

Memorial Day Sheet Music

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  • You're Near - A song written by singer/songwriter Amy Helmuth about losing someone you love. Click on the title of the song from the music player at the bottom to listen to it.
  • The Spirit of America - An uplifting song by singer-songwriter Hank Fellows. Click on the title of the song to listen.
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