Memory Joggers to Frame Your Lessons

Helping Students Retain Information Through Memory Joggers

Hand posting colorful post-it notes. Klaus Vedfelt/ Digital Vision/ Getty Images

A difficulty that many students have after spending a day in class is crystallizing the key points and retaining the information taught. Therefore, as teachers we should devote time in each lesson to helping students see through the details to the core of what is being taught. This can be done through a combination of verbal and written cues. Following is a look at some of the ways that you can help students as they work through daily lessons in your class.

Start With the Focus for the Day

State What Students Will Be Able to Do at the End of the Lesson

Daily Agenda Posted With Topics/Subtopics

Provide Students With a "Notes" Outline

Materials and Equipment Lists

Activity Structure

End of the Day Review

Relevance for Tomorrow's Lesson

Just like television shows end seasons with cliffhangers to whet the appetite and excite viewers for the next season, ending lessons by building interest for the next day can serve the same purpose. This can also help frame the information taught in the larger context of the unit or overall topic being taught.