Mercury Retrograde in Libra (Sept 7th to Oct 9th, 2015)

Thomas Barwick / Getty Images.

Mercury retrograde in air sign Libra (starting September 17th, 2015) is a second look at options.  It's a review of the alternate current and other pathways.

Some possibilities:

  • Reconsidering a contract, proposal or unspoken agreement.
  • Revisiting a one-on-one, and having realizations about it, and about yourself.
  • Learning about a topic, from the other angle, and revising your knowledge about it.
  • Reflecting on the subtleties of the dance with another, where there's flow and where there's friction.
  • Remembering your true values, and yearning for beauty, justice, harmony. 

Final Mercury Retrograde for 2015

The third and final retrograde period for 2015 is from September 17th to October 9th in Libra.  Mercury begins the retrograde at 15 degrees Libra, and dials back to 0 degrees Libra.

September 17th to October 9th -- in Libra

  • Shadow: 0 Libra, August 18th
  • Retro Station: 15 Libra, September 17th
  • Direct Station: 0 Libra, October 9th
  • Release: 15 Libra, October 25th

A Breather for the Mind

In the shadow phase, the first wave of experience involving those degrees happens in direct motion.  During that leading edge of the retrograde cloud -- the shadow phase -- be alert to what (or who) crosses your mindscape or path.

The whole retrograde experience -- from shadow to direct release -- is an experiment in time bending and its effect on perception, as Mercury only symbolically reverses. 

Some have trippy experiences, since it's like an altered state.

  And yet, it's stellar for whole mind thinking -- with the right brain having its say.  

All in Air Signs!

Let's review the retrogrades for 2015.  The first go-round with Mercury retrograde was a backward slide in Aquarius (Jan 21st to Feb 11th)   The Spring version was in Gemini (May 18th to June 11th).

All Mercury retrograde cycles in 2015 have been in air signs, and this is awesome for recovering clarity in confusing times. 

And as French writer Marcel Proust famously wrote, "The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes."

Lucent Reflections

Mercury is mostly in Libra for the retro cycle, the air sign of relating, coming to terms with another and the instinct for fairness.  There could be real miracles of seeing, that lead to making peace with someone that's had a deep hold in your psyche.

Mercury retrogrades can be a time of deep mystery.  This one could pull us into the intensely charged atmosphere of that soul wrangling -- either one in progress, or one from the past (on the timeline). 

When Mercury is air signs, we get some space and can sometimes see as if on the outside, looking in.  That can free us from the grip of a situation we're enmeshed in.  This can be a retreat, where the "treat" is a break from muddled chaos.


It's a retrograde to remember how clear-thinking you are, when you're acting and thinking clearly.  Mercury Libra encourages the recall of states where you're at peace within yourself, because you're holding to a high standard, even within your own psyche.

This one is for reflecting on what fragments your mind, distracts needlessly or throws you into nightmarish states. 

What kinds of activities make you feel at peace? 

What's Possible?

  • Striving to be fair, in thought, word and deed.  If you've fallen short of your own standards, now's the time for a morale revival.
  • Realizations about triggers that make you lose your equilibrium.  Musing on how to safeguard your peace of mind, to survive these toxic times. 
  • Taking another look at assumptions in your relationships, that lead to patterns, and seeing which ones are due for an update.
  • Making things right, with the other side of the story being told, for a more truthful picture.
  • A return to high-mindedness, and shunning of all that degrades and makes life and humanity seem ugly. 
  • The reappearance of an old partner, beloved, close friend, frenemy or enemy.
  • Re-imagining the terms of agreement, with fairness in mind.